Monster Hunter World's Third PS4 Open Beta Gets Details on Pre-Load, Rewards and More

Capcom provides more info on the upcoming third open beta of Monster Hunter World, that will happen once more exclusively on PS4.

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gustave154283d ago

Whats up with the "exclusively on ps4" thing i'm seeing? As if people will play this game on Xbox One lmao


It’s going to be very difficult to find a more ridiculous comment than yours even on N4G. I’ve been a fan of MH since day one and guess where I’ll be playing it ? That’s right on Xbox which will most likely be the superior version btw.

MeteorPanda283d ago

it's going to have a very small install base on the xbox. We have no confirmation that cross play with the consoles will be up and running... just saying as a heavily multiplayer game (bu solo is fine!) are you going to get your moneys worth with a very small player pool? A catch 32 but microsoft has never done well in japanese titles

Eonjay283d ago

There is no superior version. Its the same game. Except in the PS4 version there are some Horizon Zero Dawn Content and this extremely expensive bundle :

I just wish more people on Xbox played these great games like you.

sactownlawyer916283d ago

PS4 will have the much much larger playerbase and support from capcom.

UnHoly_One283d ago

If a game comes out on both consoles and I want to play it, I play it on Xbox.

I'm sure I'm not the only one like that.

I think we'll be just fine.

G20WLY282d ago

You are not alone, friend.

There's about 7 of you now.

drunkenspy007282d ago

I'm getting the PS4 version then the PC when it comes out later because that will be the best graphical version of the game. If I had a PS4 and XB1X, I'd play it on the xb1x

OneLove283d ago Show
ScarzFX283d ago

I dont get how people like you think you know what type of games people on xbox will or will not play lol. Do you have access to some stats that the rest of us dont?

Ill be getting this on xbox one, like im sure many others will.

Shortsorpants283d ago

Im betting many people will play on whichever platform most of their friends play on. Real life friends I mean... so while its a high chance its PS4 (most users) i would bet plenty will still be on PC and even Xbox.
I know I would definitely prefer playing with people I know over randoms in a game like Monster hunter, crazy right?

PFFT282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Im getting MH:W for both my X and Pro. Here is hoping for an Xbox One and PC crossplay. So that at least like that there will be more people to play with. Also ive never had a problem running with randoms back in MH3 Tri, MH3U,MH4U and Generations. But as you said its better to play with friends.

Shortsorpants282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Yea i still enjoy playing with randoms, perhaps i couldve worded that a bit better. Ive actually only been able to play one with real life friends, tri on wii. All the others ive had to play entirely with randoms due to my friends not owning a 3DS.
But i definitely would prefer playing with friends, even though i still will and enjoy playing with randoms.
There was some (rare) toxic randoms every once in awhile that would leave the game if you used zelda or samus armors(DLC)... i still dont understand why.

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CorndogBurglar283d ago

I cannot wait for this game!

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Hugodastrevas283d ago

Hell yeah, more MH before release!