The Most Anticipated RPGs of 2018

Player 2 looks at 2018's upcoming RPG slate and deciding what excites them and what games are going to take all their spare time.

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Zeldafan642334d ago

We need Dragon Quest XI localized

Fist4achin2334d ago

These are some solid titles to look forward to.

salazarnaruto522333d ago

I love this comeback of jrpgs this gen after we didn't get much last gen :)

MadLad2333d ago

PoE, Vampry, Monster Hunter.

Wholly excited for these three.

Bleucrunch2333d ago

More RPG's....yeeeeeeeeeees. My favorite Genre by FAR...no other genre is even close is even close.

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thorstein88d ago

PoE: Deadfire, Unless you have a or PS5 or an SSD don't bother, loading times are insane. A minute and a half to go into a room to investigate a desk in an inn and then an additional 1 1/2 minutes to leave the room and then load to leave the inn???

And they never fixed it.