Star Citizen Update 3.1 Coming Late March; Crowdfunding Passes 176 Million

The next big update of Star Citizen is coming in late March, as Cloud Imperium Games moves to a quarterly patch schedule.

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Aither282d ago

A development that began in 2011, and they are still in the Alpha phase? Are people really so naive to keep throwing millions of dollars into this money pit. I seriously hope every backer gets their moneys worth, but Star Citizen could turn out to be the biggest scam to ever hit crowdfunding.

Lockdown555282d ago

Oh wow, another "this is a scam" comment on a Star Citizen article. Do your homework and actually do a bit of research before you start claiming moronic things like that. Is SC likely too ambitious? Yes. Are they scamming people? No. Using the money from your backers to develop exactly what you told them you were going to and giving constant updates on how that's going is not scamming people. Scamming is when you lie, take the money, and don't produce the product you've promised. This game just got it's open alpha which anyone can play. It's taken them a long time and maybe a year and a half ago when they didn't have much to show the scam argument could have held but not now. Open your eyes man.

Aither280d ago

According to this article, development began in 2011.

nowitzki2004282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

It could turn out to be the biggest scam and it could also turn out to be the greatest game ever. Could can work many ways.