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I came out of Resident Evil 6 with one feeling – regret. Why had I suffered through three pointless campaigns filled with bland set pieces and monotonous firefights? What was so important about watching Leon Kennedy turn into an action hero or seeing Chris Redfield’s spiral into alcoholism? It took a second dreaded playthrough for me to realize it was all nostalgia-fueled hope that Capcom was ready to deliver Resident Evil in the way I had remembered it from umpteen years prior.

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TheGamersGhost310d ago

Agreed. I also thought Not a Hero was fine enough, especially as a free add on. Kind of refuse to buy End of Zoe or either of the Banned Footages, though I wouldn’t mind more time with the Bakers.

CorndogBurglar309d ago

Glad to see this jouranlist admit that he judged this game too early without playing it.

There are too many people out there that did the same thing. Even though the perspective switched to first person, this game is Resident Evil through and through.

Its a shame that so many people refused to give it a try because it seems that most that did ended up loving it.

TheGamersGhost309d ago

It's a habit I've gotten out of, especially after also misjudging the Nintendo Switch.

But yes, most of the people that I heard prematurely judge the FPS style wound up loving the game in the end. It was the proper direction for Capcom to take the series after RE6.