Gamer Rising: The Shift in Power from Publisher to the People

COGconnected - With the ever-present loom of microtransactions, gamers stood up against developers to shift the power in their favor, but how far is too far in the digital crusade to outright remove microtransactions?

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376d ago
DillyDilly376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

The people decides the publishers fates by supporting or not supporting them the people have all the power in the world not the publishers. Its the same with Hollywood its the people who decides who becomes rich & famous

agent4532376d ago

Stupid article. The issues with modern gaming is the fact that console manufacturers and gaming media in general have too many gaming conventions ( PSX event, comic con, GDC , etc.). Forcing game developers to work on expensive tech demos of their games. Is time to minimize the gaming conventions to just E3, Tokyo Game Show, and European gaming convention. That way it allows the game developer/publisher to work on the game not just tech demos.

Minimize the game development team as low as 50 people to at least 200 people. 500 people or more on one game just produces economies of scale.

Prevention of merging or acquiring game studios by big publishers.

Get rid of the stigma that games are for kids. Seriously, if a game features sex/nudity, child abuse, rape, etc. is blasted by the media. That needs to stop for is limits the creative mind of game developers.

Work with upcoming or new actors/actresses and music bands to lower game development costs. Yes Kevin Spacey and other A list celebrities and music bands, singers is awesome to get but boy are they expensive.

The formation of game development unions, guilds, and security and well being of game developers. Many game developers lose their career because their game sold less than a million dollars.

happy2b376d ago

That seems like a fantasy dream right there. No offense but that sounds delusional and ignorant to the problems really at hand. Reducing the development team doesn't make a game better why cause that is what EA has been doing and look at the state of their games at them moment where as games like GTA V an extremely successful game took over 1000 people to make.

agent4532376d ago

No offense taken. EA does use a lot of people to make their games. Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice proved that is possible to make a successful game with a low amount of people.

The advantages of a lower team means better management, able to cross train and multitask among game developers, and a strong focus on making the game. Does it mean the game will be better no it does not but it lowers the chances of a buggy game.

Raising game prices to games is not going to work. Australia/Japan have proven that despite the games costing $100.00 US dollars plus tax still come with microtransanctions, lootboxes, and day one DLC.

agent4532376d ago

I completely disagree with games costing more.

opinionated376d ago

Power was always with the consumer. People love to forget it’s the “people” spending billions of dollars on these microtransactions. Until these people stop doing so, you don’t have the power to do shit. I know, it sucks to hear but it’s the truth. Your little Reddit revolution did f***all, jus sayin...