Top 10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives That Deserve Sequels - From bowling balls to puppets

It may be hard to believe but Sony's third home console released well over a decade ago. The PlayStation 3 has an incredible library of games so let's take a look at the ten that most deserve current-gen sequels.

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1901d ago
ABizzel11900d ago

I can agree with each of these on this list, however, my personal top 6 would be.

1. Killzone: Resistance (both worlds collide)
2. Heavenly Sword
3. Warhawk (like the original PS3 version, and nothing like Starhawk)
4. Motorstorm
5. Folklore (into a legitimate JRPG)
6. Socom: Battle Royale (Socom + MAG)

Razzer1900d ago

Would love to see Platinum do a Heavenly Sword sequel.

1900d ago
PUBG1900d ago

I don't even need to look at the list, here's mine:

1. Socom
2. Heavenly Sword
3. Resistance: Fall of Man
4. Motorstorm
5. M.A.G.
6. God of War (coming)
7. The Last of Us (coming)
8. Gran Turismo (complete)
9. Uncharted (complete)
10. Infamous (complete)
11. Killzone (complete)

kneon1900d ago

I would love to see an new MAG, surely we could have 512 or more players this time around. Or even better, how about a persistent world MAG. Has there ever been such an FPS?

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The story is too old to be commented.