Cinelinx's Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

From Cinelinx:

Today, our writers present their tops picks for the games they’re most hyped about in the New Year.

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darklordzor312d ago

I REALLY hope Last of Us 2 comes out this year. Could be wrong, but I'm crossing my fingers for it sometime in the Fall/holidays.

Thatguy-310311d ago

the last of us 2 is not coming out this yr. This yr days gone will come out and the last of us 2 will most likely be ready for a 2019 release date

darklordzor311d ago

Argh....I know you're right, but still a bummer.

derkasan312d ago

I'm looking forward to Spider-Man, but I feel like we've barely gotten any info about it. Here's hoping it doesn't slip to 2019.

ninsigma311d ago

Lots of great stuff mentioned in the article. I'm really looking forward to seeing some Jurassic World Evolution game play. I can't see tlou2 coming this year tbh. I'd say it's a 2019 title. Some of my must have for the year are ni no kuni 2, god of war, spiderman, detroit and kingdom hearts 3. If days gone releases this year I may pick that up too. Lots of stuff on the way to be excited about 😁

darklordzor311d ago

I'm hoping we get some Jurassic World gameplay pretty soon. I mean, it's supposed to come out in just a few months with the movie (I'm assuming anyway).