Major Nintendo Switch Games are Completely Sold Out in Japan Right Now

After a recent restock of hardware in Japan, many Nintendo Switch video games like Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are totally sold out everywhere.

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ZeekQuattro2086d ago

Nintendo is killing it. Bravo.

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3-4-52084d ago

This is good for all of video games. It's a good inspiration and push for Sony & Microsoft to look at and get inspired to top it and innovate.

It gives us more options for games = more potential gaming ideas = more games for Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo.

2018 should be a good year for all 3 and 3rd party's as well.

eagle212086d ago

Now it's the games. Nintendo can't be stopped now.

Strafe2085d ago

Give us a link that proves otherwise you dullard.

Knushwood Butt2085d ago


Buy BOTW from Yodobashi and have it delivered today by 18:00

Knushwood Butt2085d ago

There's no shortage of Mario Party 100 Minigame Collection, despite it being advertised constantly on TV.

Nintendo insult their fanbase with first party shovelware.

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Prince_TFK2085d ago

We can’t have too much positive Nintendo articles can we? First the Switch outsold the PS4 in the US, and now almost all their games are also sold out in Japan.

The trolls cannot handle this.

marloc_x2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Tried to buy Arms from www.amazon.co.jp..
..cannot complete this transaction..

superchiller2085d ago

More phony hype from Nintendo, a company well known for deliberately creating hype with artificial shortages.

Big_Game_Hunters2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Extremely impressive demand for these games in japan, imagine pokemon launch.

Edit: oops didn't mean to make this a reply.

rainslacker2085d ago

I remember when Fire Emblem was in short supply on the 3DS. They did that to try and get people to buy it digitally. I'm always immediately skeptical of any report that Nintendo products are in short supply. If they are ongoing for a significant amount of time, I can then trust that it's probably not a false shortage.

kevnb2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Or just maybe they didn’t predict how popular the system would be in japan accurately, oh no it’s got to be on purpose and a negative.

Knushwood Butt2085d ago

So you are saying Nintendo didn't realize how many consoles they shipped?

kevnb2085d ago

They are short on consoles and games, the console is selling well and the attach rate is sky high.

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SuperSonic912085d ago

#grasping strawa
#grabbing wind
can only go so far
That has been Greedtwendos modus operandi since the NES because their kiddie market knows no better.

marloc_x2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )


..that attempt was painful to read, and I feel bad for you.

Prince_TFK2085d ago

Phony hype. Lmao. I guess the fact that the Switch outsold the PS4 in the US is a made up lie too right?

balance2theforce2085d ago

Dude, don't even bother man. What they're doing is exactly what you're trying to not let happen. I know that it's certainly frustrating, but try and ignore these haters. Unless just report them so that we stay within the rules, that is actually documented and can't be ignored,and try to have us some of that intelligent discussion that you talked about. Don't let them distract you as that takes away from that.

And that's probably what they want. They want to drag it down so there's no positive news except for anything sony around here seems to get through it seems. In a nutshell the beleaguered fans of whatever platform simply can't let them win. And that also includes the actual legit and reasonable fans of sony. As they're certainly not like all the trolls and haters that behave like cavemen still trying to learn how to stand up straight and beating everything with a stick

marloc_x2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

..Horizon Zero Dawn has really fallen behind Breath of the Wild..

At least there is no shortage of Horizon in the bargain bin.

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EddieNX 2085d ago

will probably mean more digital sales

Sgt_Slaughter2085d ago

Japan as well as most Asian countries still prefer physical games, which is why most titles that get released here digitally get a physical copy over there (Bayonetta 1 for the Switch, and LocoRoco 1/2/Patapon/Parappa the Rapper for PS4 as an example) so I'm thinking a majority will wait it out for restocks.

EddieNX 2085d ago

that's true. The Christmas sales for all the old big Switch games was nuts. they've all litteraly sold out lol. I'm sure Nintendo will be printing new copies as we speak.