Nintendo reveals the most played games on Switch since launch in North America

Nintendo has sent out new data about Switch, revealing the most played games on Switch since launch based on data collected from North America.

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Pookandpie285d ago

This is a cumulative hours list, not an average hours list. Xenoblade just released (most likely around the time this list was compiled)


It’s all I play besides bf2

Gemmol284d ago

It came out late in December, there's no way in one month everyone could play it enough hours to make it on the list

Gemmol284d ago


You do know skyrim came out in November??? Or do you think it came out in December with xenoblade

So im pretty sure with the extra time skyrim had people play more hours needed to beat xenoblade

Knushwood Butt284d ago

Skyrim - 17 Nov
Xeno - 1 Dec

My point is that Skyrim is high on that list despite only being out for a few weeks.

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Ninte284d ago

My nephews and neices like to play 4 player so Mario kart and minecraft are the games get played a lot every time they come over even though I got other games on the switch.

Kosic284d ago

Not bad for skyrim, any word on sale numbers for that?
Really wanting that to do well so we could hopefully get a Fallout port.

cpayne93284d ago

I'm expecting Skyrim to sell better than most of the other third party games, it was on the top of the top downloaded list on eshop for a while.

Kosic284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

I've not used my switch in a few weeks to check the eshop, since getting some PS4 games for Xmas.
But that's great news. Bring on fallout 3 NV for the switch :)

DrJones284d ago

Why did it leave the chart