Are Games About to Get More Expensive?

Could game prices be on the rise? With the costs of development going up and physical forms getting more expensive for some platforms, it may be up to players to cover the costs.

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GamesMaster1982283d ago

Hope not they cost enough already. And before all the whiners come crying that but, but what about the dev's we need too support them. The dev's get paid enough already it's not like they need another BMW on their driveway.

BrianOBlivion282d ago

The price has already gone up. For the last year or two, new games now cost $90 with tax here in Canada in a retail store, $90 in the Xbox Live Store and $80 on PSN.
The result of that price increase is that I now no longer buy new AAA games AT ALL.
Only used games, deeply discounted games or indie games.
The industry only shoots themselves in the foot when they get greedy.