gXp 10 Favorite Video Games of 2017

Richard of gXp writes, "Has there ever been a year in gaming that has been as polarizing and controversial since 1992, which led to the formation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board? I mean, some of the topics that arose out of the video gaming genre this year really struck a nerve with gamers everywhere – no matter what side of the argument you were on. Still, despite all that, the year managed to put out stellar game after game in 2017. Some were expected to be huge successes, like the majority of Triple A titles should be, others were sleepers that came out of nowhere and took the gaming community by storm, and some surprise apps and mobile games even popped up and game gamers a reason to stick to their cell phones and tablets for a quick dose of gaming fun.

Indeed, 2017 is going to go down as one of the most important and influential years in video gaming that we have seen in recent years. Mark my words, 2017 is going to be remembered as a pivotal year in gaming. But, with that being said, I am getting a bit off topic here. I wanted to talk about my favorite video games of 2017 and I will get on with that list right now. Keep in mind, this is a subjective list comprised of games that I personally found to be my favorites of the past year. Not the best games or the most memorable games, but my personal favorites."

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