More Dragon Ball Super Characters hit the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. Shenron System unveiled

Neil writes: "Dragon Ball FighterZ is gearing up for a release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in just a few weeks, but today Bandai Namco have revealed new info about the game - namely in regards the Super Characters who will be arriving as part of the base roster, and the special Shenron System."

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meka26112333d ago

I can see why people are excited for this, but to me it's just not a dbz game being on a 2D plane. We used to have DBZ games like that but that was because of limitations. It's a game that to me needs 3D roaming and fighting.

Heavenly King2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

No, you are wrong, it was a choice in design. The budokai series, and budokai tenkaichi series both came on PS2 (same hardware, same limitations), one 2.5D and the other 3D. Even with all the power of PS3 and PS4, the best game of the DB franchise (not counting fighterZ) is Budokai 3.

meka26112333d ago

Umm tenkaichi was in 3D movement so not what you mean there. And budokai originally came to SNES so it was limited, they just kept going because it had some fans. And that is your opinion, I never stated mine as fact opinion, but DBZ as 2D fighter doesn't work for me and is nothing like the show.


100% agree, Xenoverse is WAY better.

pietro12122332d ago

You're kidding yourself if you think Xenoverse is a better fighter. Don't get me wrong Xenoverse is fun, but it has a depth to the gameplay. Fighter Z is being developed by one of the best fighting game developers around.

Army_of_Darkness2332d ago

I think he was being sarcastic :D

pietro12122332d ago

2d fighters tend to have way more depth than 3d titles aside from maybe Virtual Fighter 5.

ShadowWolf7122332d ago

...Budokai was not on SNES, my guy. First game was on GameCube/PS2.

And this is far, far more in-line with the series overall, tbh. The characters have their own distinct combat styles again, literally every frame of animation, every hit, is a direct reference to something in the original manga or the anime, and it has a story centered around a new character literally created and supervised by Toriyama himself.

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Chaosdreams2333d ago

A little behind in the knowledge are we?

Shortsorpants2332d ago

Excited for this, but think its gonna struggle a bit atleast intially. Monster hunter is probably gonna be a big obstacle.

Steveoreno12332d ago

I'm getting both with Xmas gift cards from family. Can't wait!


Dragon Ball FighterZ's Rollback Update Was Too Little Too Late

Daniyal from eXputer: "Dragon Ball FighterZ was so close to a revival but ineffective communication and a dubious launch of an anticipated update botched that hope."


DRAGON BALL FighterZ Rollback Netcode Update

Dragon Ball FighterZ has finally received the long-awaited rollback netcode update that promises to improve the online experience for players.

Also, instruction detailed on how to upgrade from PS4 to PS5, Xbox One to XSX, and save transfers.

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Furesis88d ago

5 years too late, no cross-play and ps5 and ps4 cant play together and on pc u have delay based and roll back which u can choose which will divide the player base even more since some wont know the difference and some of the game modes are not compatible with rollback... like why, you should have just made fighterz 2 and implement it properly there what is this half assed shit?
Better than nothing i guess? i don't even know man..


Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS5, Xbox Series launches February 29

Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch digitally for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on February 29 with rollback netcode, publisher Bandai Namco announced.

Users who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series version free of charge.

DivineHand12587d ago

What new features do we get with the PS5 version?

ZeekQuattro87d ago

Rollback netcode. Faster load times.