Why Do We Play Games?

Here's 7 reasons why most people play games
Please read and let me know your personal stories:
What got you into Gaming and what keeps drawing you back to it?


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Cohagen420312d ago

Because its the best way to interact with a story at this point..

Godmars290312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

No idea at this point, given how it become more about socializing, loot collection and watching cinematic events rather than interacting within an involving story or world.

At least, that was my main reason. Blowing s**t up just to blow it up was another.

312d ago
ifrit_caress312d ago

I love games that tell a good story. Although these games are few and far between this generation, that's still the reason I play games 'til this day.

312d ago
ccgr312d ago

To relax or blow off some steam

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