PUBG Mobile vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

A quick look at the small and large version of the game.

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bluefox755289d ago

Looks like the mobile has a garbage frame rate as well.

Sono421289d ago

Am I the only one who can't stand the music for this video?

289d ago
ocelot07289d ago

That mobile version actually looks impressive.

DialgaMarine289d ago

For a pocket on the go version, most definitely.

ocelot07289d ago

You must of not owned or played an n64.

nowitzki2004288d ago

Just lok up any screenshot for any N64 game and see how wrong you really are

Tazzy289d ago

This game don't look good at all and its on both PC and Xbox comparing it to the mobile version would be like someone comparing the speed of a big wheel vs. the speed of a car that car wins obviously. I seen someone compare the Switch and Xbox One X version of WWE 2K18 and again same scenario as the car and big wheel the car would win its more powerful a smart person would have compared the PS4PRO vs. Xbox One X versions.

cyckiewicz289d ago

Mobile version would fit to Switch really well though.

Tazzy289d ago

Well if it fits on Xbox and PC like this Switch will be a breeze i'm sure the Switch can run Xbox 360 games with no problems at all the frame rate sucks for the Xbox One X.

subtenko289d ago

not even the switch, gamecube and n64 could handle that no problem with better fr

DJStotty289d ago

PS4 Pro version of PUBG??? Am i missing something???

Tazzy289d ago

I meant they compared Xbox One X vs. the Switch version of WWE 2K18 instead of comparing the Xbox One X and PS4PRO versions of the game. I don't think Sony or Nintendo would want this game on their consoles to be hones the frame rate is horrible on the Xbox One X.

kevnb289d ago

Its actually a good looking game considering the draw distances and what is actually going on during gameplay, its not some story driven game where everything is extremely limited.

Tazzy289d ago

This game doesn't look good it looks like an Xbox 360 game this game should look great on PC and Xbox.

Emme289d ago

I like the mobile version ! Colourful and cartoony, perfect for Switch.

SirBradders289d ago

But ain't mobile graphics supposed to be on par with consoles by now, Sarcasm!

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The story is too old to be commented.