6 Game Series That Could Have Really Helped the Vita

"When the PS Vita launched it was known for being a pretty powerful handheld device, it was easy to imagine what some of your favorite game series would be like if you could take them anywhere you went. Here are six franchises I think could have brought the PlayStation Vita to greater heights." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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gangsta_red999d ago

The Vita tried, unfortunately it was marketed as a hardcore, dedicated mobile device at a time where casual gaming on mobile phones was at an all time popular high.

Plus the 3DS which which was also available and did cater to a more casual friendly crowd was definitely more appealing for gamers on the go.

Then you have Sony pulling all their support for it and leaving nothing but waifu and otaku games and you have a portable now specifically for those types of folks.

Fist4achin999d ago

I agree that the casual gaming on the mobile phone was and still is at an all time high. Mobile phones have soccer moms playing while waiting for their kids practice to finish, elderly waiting at the doctors office, and even coworkers playing at work when they shouldnt be...

I think probably one of the biggest contributing factor to the ds and 3ds success was due to pokemon. I wonder what their numbers would look like without it.

It would have been awesome to see these some of these titles on the vita. I still rock out on mine, but theres always that what if aspect.

Scatpants998d ago

I'm thinking about dusting my Vita off for Danganronpa 3

3-4-5997d ago

Love my Vita....can't stand it's weebo game selection though.

Way too many atelier and hyperdimeniion netunia all female cast anime jrpg big boob games and not enough just classic rpgs or normal games.

It has all the most super niche games ever on it and those games don't sell very well. That is the biggest problem.

Even if they are good, they don't appeal to a lot of people and with a majority of gamers being male, most guys don't want to play as a bunch of little cuteey squeaky voiced girls in short skirts with colored hair.

That just doesn't appeal to 90% of gamers and yet that is like 40% of the Vita games.

Don't believe me....go look at the cover art for all the rpgs.....notice anything similar?

^ huge reason and nobody talks about it because it "offends people"

FallenAngel1984999d ago

Nothing could’ve made Switch a mainstream success

Prince_TFK998d ago

Switch? Don’t you mean the Vita?

998d ago
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Evolve998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I lose my mind every time I remember the Bioshock announcement for the Vita :(

PygmelionHunter998d ago

I’m still waiting for it :’(

Also would’ve loved to see a Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls game for it. It’d have been the perfect platform for it.

ObviousGoldfish998d ago

Lol. No series could have helped.

Eidolon998d ago

Souls Game, Monster Hunter game, Syphon Filter/Splinter Cell MGS, Diablo type game, Fallout 1/2/3, Ratcher & Clank. I'd still buy a PS Vita 2 or PSP2 in an instant, I use my Vita a lot for some games that are just better on the go or a few exclusives

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The story is too old to be commented.