Butterfly Soup: The Bisexual Visual Novel We've Been Waiting For - New Normative

Stephanie Watson writes: "Butterfly Soup focuses on four main characters: Diya, the introvert; Min, the fireball; no-nonsense Noelle; and Akarsha, the goofball. As the plot progresses you get the chance to play through all four points of view, which completely changes how you feel about each character as the story develops."

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Cy286d ago

Every protagonist is a girl, bleh. "Gay" girls is the easiest, cheapest way to do non-straight characters. You get the diversity points for them being bi and you don't risk alienating the straight guys by potentially making them see a guy flirt with another guy. Plus you keep the feminists happy by having the all important female protagonist. Very safe. Very boring. This game is going to be a mess of SJW garbage.