What We Want to See in Super Mario Odyssey 2

Speculation is already building that there might just be a Super Mario Odyssey 2 making its way to the Switch at some point.

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Jinger288d ago

It will probably another generational bridge game where it will release on both Switch and whatever their next console is, much like Breathe of the Wild. Unless Nintendo actually steps up their development times.

Nintentional284d ago

Yet they released Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 in the same generation?...

Jinger284d ago

But then didn't release a full Zelda or 3d Mario for an entire generation...

Nintentional284d ago

Mario 3D World? A Link Befween Worlds, Mario 3D Land? ...

Relientk77288d ago

Oh there better be an Odyssey 2 and I'd get it day one.

PhoenixUp288d ago

Luigi as a playable character

Moonman287d ago

But first Luigi's Mansion 3. ;p

Prince_TFK287d ago

Maybe a real open world Mario game like BOTW. That would be so awesome.

Einhander1971286d ago

Let's hope so Mario Galaxy had two instalments.

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