The Murder and End of Titanfall 2

Victor Cardoso looks at the End of Titanfall 2 and how a great game was failed by its publisher.

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Jinger292d ago

RIP Titanfall. I can't wait to see what Respawn does next, but then I'm also worried that this time EA will have full control...

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Mehmeh292d ago

I thought they were working on a third still?
Hopefully EA let them do it as they want to do it.

TF2 was rock solid as an FPS - easily my top pick gameplay wise.

madpuppy292d ago

I agree, TF2 is a beautiful and well balanced game with really innovative levels and unique game play (single player campaign) , every time I play it I am amazed by how it was treated by EA.

Relientk77292d ago

Blame EA for releasing the game around Call of Duty and Battlefield, thinking it was a good idea.


Ya it could have easily waited a quarter and dominated.

narsaku292d ago

I disagree. Outside of blogger circles, and a couple youtubers/twitch streamers swearing it was the future, nobody really cared about the game.

It obviously would have sold better if not placed in the launch window it was, but I don't think it would have been that much better. It's just call of duty with mechs, albeit people claim the single player is better, I watched it and all I saw was a typical modern, crappy FPS single player game.

Rude-ro292d ago

It was suppose to go against cod. When should they release it?
The game is not spectacular. A 4 hour campaign and a second game from an online only version with some shade on the name from the exclusive deal made with Microsoft.
It was more than just “release date”. If the game was spetaculad, the first one would have been more successful than it was.
When the player base drops so fast after launch, it means those that bought was not that impressed. See any destiny 2 cry post talking about player drops.

Saijahn292d ago

The game was : is good but what made titanfall titanfall was the speed and maneuverability...that was slowed down dramatically in tf2. Everything just felt off about the game from day 1. I played TF1 nonstop but could barely stomach tf2 for any extended period of time.

Went from being a good player to being terrible just on the changes they made.

even the titans are easily killed now unless you hunt for a battery...seriously

strifeblade292d ago

i was just going to say that. titanfall 1 gameplay incredible, speed was amazing. Loved it. TF2 slowed down, weird changes, didnt like it. I enjoyed story but thats it

Gwynbleidd291d ago

Totally agree with you. I love TF1 because of the maneuverability! It felt so natural. TF2 feels different, I don't know how to describe it, it just doesn't feel right. It is like playing COD. Not that this is bad at all, but its just COD and not TF anymore!
IMO that is the biggest flaw of TF2, since the campaign and new online modes and more weapons etc. have been an improvement. But that is worthless without out the exceptional gameplay of Tf1 though.

Germ_the_Nobody291d ago

Exactly. 1 was a much better game.

franwex292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Good read. Yes the beta was a disaster, but the game itself is great!
But I disagree that EA killed Ttianfall 2. It is the consumer that killed it.
Initially yes, EA was dumb with the release window.
After the release window it was all consumer baby. Which is sad considering how much gamers complain about paying for dlc, micro transactions and season passes. Respawn actually listened to its audience and delivered free maps and game modes. We complain about playing the same thing over and over and when we get a game that changes things up, no one bought it.
They even added a damn fun story mode.
EA was simply responding to what consumers want when they made Battlefront II (okay, maybe not that extreme).
Even right now, the game is like $15. You get a AAA complete game for the price of some DLC. Yet there's people who are reading this comment right now, who have complained about game as a service on this site, who play COD or Battlefield or some other generic shooter, who have heard of how great Titanfall 2 is...and have yet to even try this game.
That upsets me more than the crappy release window from EA.

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