2017 Ends: PlayStation and Sony

Jett: 2017 has been nothing short of an incredible year of gaming and no one had more fire going for them in terms of their lineup than Sony.

We’ll be taking a look at how Sony did for the year of 2017 like their highs and lows and capping it off with how the next year will look for the company and its consoles.

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yumi76287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Sony and it's 3'rd parties brought easily the best gaming line-up in the past two generations.

And despite what some people like to say all to often, games are the most important thing for a "gaming" console and that's what Sony delivered. The amazing thing is, that even after having the best lineup in 2017, 2018 stands ready to top 2017's accomplishment.

GamesMaster1982287d ago

Agree i did not buy my PS4 for TV apps and such (Xbox Im looking at you). Got my you know TV for all that stuff. Games Games and more Games is the only thing i want out of my consoles.

GaboonViper286d ago

Well said, if 2018 is half as good as 2017 we're in for a treat.

InTheZoneAC286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

deleted my post, wrong section

GaboonViper286d ago

What a great year not just for Playstation but Sony as well, heres to a awesome 2018.

286d ago
InTheZoneAC286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Unless you're one of those pc elitists if you didn't support sony then I don't know why you're on a gaming site. They provide every year, you know you're getting your money's worth.

Jaypi03286d ago

I know you're a Sony fan and all but you sound ridiculous, N4G is about all things gaming not just Sony.

TheColbertinator286d ago


Exactly. This is a Sony article but I should be allowed to discuss Xbox all I want here too. So unfair.

2018 will be great for all gamers because FIFA 19 will be great. I can feel it.

michellelynn0976286d ago

A lot of Sony fans on here are getting too cocky. Trends change and so does taste. Who knows what will happen on the future.

OB1Biker286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

InTheZoneAc comment is fair enough. You can support all companies involved in gaming as well. I take it as Sony deserves praises for what they did for gaming which is a basic form of support
Article is about Sony and PlayStation btw so all the more a fair comment
Just like in a Nin article someone would say you must support them for what they did which I agree with even if Im not into Nin games.

Vizigoth04286d ago

@ michellelynn0976

Some may be cocky. Most of us are just confident. Every single PlayStation home console has been overall successful. It's probably a good generality to say that if your console nears 100 million sold you have a success product on your hand that rendered you the funds for the next generation. The PS3 is the worst example at success as it still reached 85 million sold. Which is better then day 30 or 40 million and then become exterminated. We're confident that at 4 years PS4 is at the 70 million and is if anything in it's prime. Meaning PS5 should be well funded. Gamers in mind. Gaming first and always.

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michellelynn0976286d ago

Because other companies have great games as well. Not just Sony.

xX-oldboy-Xx286d ago

True - just not the volume and variety that Sony has. And they never will.

Sony takes more risks and along the way has a few games that aren't received to well, but they cop it on the chin and try again.

That's gotta be supported and applauded, no matter what console you prefer.

Skankinruby286d ago

Sony is slaughtering the competition. Delivering on every angle that matters. Innovation, quality, quantity, and diversity......the competition is so laughable.

michellelynn0976286d ago

Innovation? What innovation? Also, don't underestimate any competitor. Sony has lost, they can lose again. No one is bullet proof. Not Nintendo, not Microsoft and not even Sony.
Sony has done great, no doubt. However, if they get cocky (like a lot of their fans do) Sony could get lazy and they could start to make a lot of mistakes. Healthy competition is good. Not just for the video games industry, but also Sony.

xX-oldboy-Xx286d ago

When did Sony lose? How do you quantify losing? Did it lose to the Wii? They've had 3 consecutive successful console releases and now their 4th one is decimating the competition to the point of embarrassment.

Unlike other companies Sony will take the lessons learned during the PS3 launch period, and won't make the same mistakes again.

MrVux000286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

"Innovation? What innovation?"

For reference, google "Sony's first-party games" and Sony's (legendary) "ICE-Team".

SuperSonic91286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

2017 is one of the greatest gaming year in PlayStation and all of video games history.
Sonic Mania
DQ Heroes 2
Tales of Berseria
Uncharted TLL
KH Remaster Remix

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