SW Battlefront II Sales To Bounce Back, Analyst Believes; Optimistic About EA’S Upcoming Titles

Star Wars Battlefront II sales are expected to bounce back following weaker-than expected sales, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicts.

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XiNatsuDragnel380d ago

No it ain't my boy or people aren't goldfish

threefootwang378d ago

Yeah I doubt it at this point too.

Any game that EA publishes now will be heavily scrutinized by the media for the foreseeable future.

They're on a tight leash and they know it.

rainslacker377d ago

Good. It's funny that the media now realizes that they can get more clicks by inciting the MT "controversies" than avoiding their mention in reviews, so I expect that going forward, that MT across the board will likely get more scrutiny. On the down side, it'll probably be misappropriated controversy at times, as the media has a bad habit of not distinguishing what people are upset about in their pursuit of advertising dollars.

Araragifeels 378d ago

The only way that I will buy this game, if they put on a deal for $10. I bought the first game for $10 too.

arkard378d ago

10$ used from someone else maybe... Not a dime to EA

goatking378d ago Show
TheSaint378d ago

So to be an analyst you just have to spout nonsense? Not know anything about gaming and be completely clueless about what people are really like?

Damn, guess I can't be an analyst then.

ravinash378d ago

It sounds to me like some Analysts are just yes men hoping to get in the good books of these companies.
Keep telling them what they want to hear and then they will keep coming back for their if they actually do anything. I'm assuming someone has to pay these analysts to spout this dribble.

CorndogBurglar377d ago

There is no way this will bounce back.

1. The hype of The Last Jedi is gone now.

2. The holiday season has passed.

If those two scenarios didn't help boost their sales then what makes them think the sales will bounce back now that there is nothing else to look forward to, aside from what, that Han Solo movie that sounds like a train wreck?

No way. They need to just let it go and start over a different progression system and no loot boxes.

Nodoze377d ago

If anything the Last Jedi (which was GOD AWFUL) has killed the hype. Unfortunately Star Wars has become a vehicle for Disney to push female empowerment and elevation at the expense of core heroes and to emasculate all male role models. What was done to Luke was a travesty. The re-view/re-watch numbers are piss poor for a reason....the fans hate it.

Luke the fisherman, and the milker of space moose. Really?

rainslacker377d ago

I think this game will be heavily discounted once EA figures out how to put MT back in in a way that doesn't piss everyone off. To that end, they won't make as much on the initial sale of the game, but they'll try to focus on getting as many users as possible in order to cash in on MT sales.

In that regard, it could bounce back in a way.

However, like you, and most are saying, I don't expect this to be the roaring success that it could have been if they had just been more modest in their MT approach. It's rather ironic in the pursuit of trying to maximize profit, they actually hurt it's actual potential to return a better profit. Imagine how much this game would have sold if it had no, or even non-offensive MT.

rainslacker377d ago

Not only that, after two months on the market, it's not like people are going to run out and buy it now that the initial hype has died down. It may sell well once it is discounted more, at which point I expect EA will have come up with it's replacement for MT in the game in order to get people to come in and hopefully spend more money.

This comment is odd from Patcher, because even he knows that the vast majority of a games sales happen in the first 3 months. I think given the somewhat divisive nature of the film which dropped off pretty fast at the box office, that the hype for the game itself is going to wane even faster since a large chunk of it's perspective audience has, or will soon move on to the new stuff starting up in spring.

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Relientk77379d ago

Hope they don't bounce back

378d ago
ArchangelMike379d ago

Wishful thinking. It's not bouncing back, especially when EA again decide to implement loot boxes - there will be backlash, and the game will likely be even more abandoned.

AizenSosuke379d ago

People are not and will not be stupid, expect the casuals.

Sciurus_vulgaris378d ago

I disagree, Battlefront (2015) did not sell off its own merits. Battlefront(2015) sold as well as it did due to coasting off “the hype” of The Force Awakens. Battlefront 2(2017) arguabley got worst reception, terrible PR and “the hype” for The Last Jedi isn’t as high as it was for The Force Awakens.

Heavenly King378d ago

The hype is not as much, because the Last Jedi sucks as a Star Wars movie.


Dead wrong! It has many flaws but it still is superior to the force awakens, which sucks as a mere movie, not no mention a star wars movie.

meka2611377d ago

Agreed, that movie was just horrible. I hated the force awakens, but think it's decent now compared to last jedi.

rainslacker377d ago

I didn't think TLJ sucked, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. My biggest problem is that Rei's character was no further ahead in development since the end of the last movie, and her place in the story of the movie was pretty much inconsequential.

The overall story of the movie wasn't too bad, but it's character development was a departure in approach from the rest of the series.

On a more general note, both movies having no cool light saber scenes didn't help. The Matrix-esque Luke fight was somewhat cringe worthy. When you have Kylo Ren who isn't that good with a LS, IMO, and Luke who can do what he was doing, it shouldn't have even been a fight.


Except the last jedi is a far superior movie than TFA.

But, yeah, I hope the game tanks!

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