The Most Anticipated FPS Games of 2018

Player 2 goes through the upcoming release schedule to highlight their most anticipated FPS games for 2018.

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Fist4achin293d ago

Cool. I thought there would be more on there.

UltraNova293d ago

Metro Exodus and the next Battlefield for me.

TheSplooge292d ago

Im hoping the next BF is WW2 so they can show activision how its done. Iwould definitely like to experience at least one ww2 game in the frostbite engine lol

UltraNova292d ago

Yeah a WW2 game by DICE would be a dream come true but it feels too early in the wake of the WW2 COD. I'd like to see bad company 3 in 2018 with a Battle Royal online mode and a WW2 game in 2019.

Yeah I'm dreaming, I know...

Relientk77293d ago

Metro Exodus

The game looks sick

292d ago
PygmelionHunter292d ago

- Witchfire
- Metroid Prime 4... I don't have a Switch, though :(
- Metro Exodus
- System Shock Remake

It sure is looking great for FPS games this year!

Hewso292d ago

I actually considered putting Witchfire on the list but I have a feeling it is going to slip into 2019, so I left it off

PygmelionHunter292d ago

That’s understandable.

Though I want the game as soon as possible, I’d rather have a polished experience, so I’m willing to wait for as long as they need to make it into an awesome game.