I Love The Witcher 3 Despite Being Ridiculously Dressed For Most of It

The Witcher 3's Geralt of Rivia is certainly a hard-ass, but you wouldn't always guess so from his colourful and often ghastly attire.

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FullmetalRoyale288d ago

Haha TW3 is my game of the generation, followed by Yakuza 0, and I must agree with this sentiment. I usually wore what I thought looked good, and tried to switch to a more practical outfit when I felt a tough fight coming.
It’s not that the attire was poorly designed, it just didn’t mesh well with what I like, personally.

Ximena_287d ago

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FalloutWanderer2077288d ago

If on PC, thankfully there is this mod - that uses Witcher 2 armors replacing the majority of vanilla common armors. The Witcher school armor sets are not effected of course, only the basic armors, which imo, historically accurate in their appearance and composition, do not look good.

More importantly, those are armors that Geralt would never wear! For those who know the lore, played previous witcher games and/or read the witcher books that the games are inspired by then you know this already. Witcher 2 armors look a lot better and are lore friendly.

opinionated288d ago

Witcher 3 had me hooked. Really fun. One day I did nothing but be a Gwent shark. I was kinda disappointed with stand alone gwent game. It was fun but it got a lot more complicated with all of the added features. I still prefer the base gwent and I think they should add that mode.

Elda287d ago

Totally opposite for me.I just couldn't get into TW3 & I've tried it twice.Different strokes for different folks.

DrumBeat287d ago

You're stroking the wrong way, Elda. Pun intended.

Elda287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

How so? I just happen to find TW3 uninteresting & boring & there's no way of stroking that.

Cobra951287d ago

Yeah, if it doesn't hold your attention, don't play it. I had the same experience with TW2. Got to a place where I had no clear idea how to progress, realized I wasn't liking the experience or the UI, and that was that--twice. TW3 was completely different, though. The early stages are a chore, but after pushing through those, I found an irresistible, well-realized rich world that was mine to explore and conquer.

brando008287d ago

God TW3 is an amazing game. Such an incredible experience

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The story is too old to be commented.