Xbox One X’s Most Significant Improvement From Xbox One Is Removal of eSRAM – Killing Floor 2 Dev

While we have to wait to see how significant the Xbox One X has been to Microsoft's overall hardware sales, it's at the very least been successful with its performance. Keep in mind that this is a system whose CPU isn't all that much more powerful than the Xbox One. But with a vastly superior GPU and 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, Microsoft have managed to live up to their claims of this being the "most powerful console ever."

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King Nezz378d ago

That's all fine and dandy concerning the GPU being "vastly superior". I just care about games running smoothly around 60fps, seeing as they have the visuals looking great.

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DrumBeat378d ago

Great console, now let's see the games.

akaFullMetal378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

The only reason Microsoft implemented esram was to make up for the slower ddr3 the xbox one had.

timotim378d ago

It was a good call. I don't think Team Xbox cuts corners anymore on hardware going forward under Phil Spencer. I think every Xbox console from now on is most powerful and leading the charge in technology in a console.

DrumBeat378d ago

Agreed. They have more money to use and lose. It will be of no consequence to them. Microsoft is a giant. They can always beat Sony with better hardware.

IRetrouk378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

The original xbox was stronger than the ps2, the ps3 was stronger than the 360, the ps4 is stronger than the one, and the x is stronger than the pro, also this idea that the gaming side of micro gets unlimited funds is ridiculous, they have budgets to work to, just like the playstation side of sony.

DrumBeat377d ago

Of course they have budgets, and they're not unlimited, but Microsoft has more wiggle room. It's the reality of things.

Jakens378d ago

"Every Xbox console from now on is most powerful and leading the charge in technology"

You got it. Phil once mentioed that he was proud of the 360 technology. The way that they marketed the XBOX, they can never go back to releasing weaker hardware than Sony.

Microsoft will lead the power war every turn. I have no doubt.

They are not perfect though.

DrumBeat378d ago

I don't know how you're getting disagrees. Cerny had to twist arms just to get 8GB into the base PS4. The business side didn't want that. Microsoft has a much larger chance of outdoing the competition, hardware-wise, in all cycles (if they choose.)

sinspirit378d ago


Sony had a further customized version of the Jaguar chip that both the PS4 and X1 use, but has 50% more onboard GPU cores. They also have a separate chip to handle background downloads, standby, and saving the last 15 minutes of game footage. Not to mention that the RAM is DDR5, not DDR3. All at a vastly smaller size with a built-in power supply. Not to mention, despite all the 360 iterations, that the PS3 was vastly more expensive to build and yet they still threw in the extras like wifi and bluetooth.

MS doesn't have a larger chance of anything yet. They only just got properly built hardware years later. Oh. But, they wanted to save money and use 4GB's of RAM, but didn't, so I guess that makes them less likely to have better hardware even though they did?

dantesparda377d ago


The PS4 actually uses "G"DDR3 not DDR5, they are to totally different type of RAM, DDR5 doesnt even exist yet, we are still at DDR4 and GDDR3 is actually graphics card memory whereas DDR is system RAM. GDDR3 memory has way more bandwidth than DDR3 memory which is what graphics chips need but have higher latency than DDR3.

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-volt-378d ago

I'd love to get one but I just don't know... Is it worth $499 yet?

PFFT378d ago

Its an amazing console with some amazing titles. BUT if you have a choice go with the Pro for now. They have a bigger game line up and the graphical difference is quite subtle. I think the graphical gap between both consoles will start to show later this year but for now the difference is minor.

TheColbertinator378d ago


Its not worth 499,its value is closer to 599. Get two like I did.

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D3TH_D33LR378d ago

Think I’d rather build a pc at that point.

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