Overwatch Season 8 is Getting New Adjustments

Tweaks to Skill Rating and a big adjustment for Diamond tier and above are live as competitive Overwatch Season 8 kicks off.

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cellfluid381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

It's the same old bs.. Overwatch has the worse I repeat the worse matching system in gaming history. It always sync me with unreliable people! It's a poorly coded sequence. When are they going to implement mic only lobbies?? When are they going to BANNED people for leaving games causing the team lose Sr... Why doesn't the player who does the best on the team get some Sr even when the tram loses?? So many times I've had 4 or even 5 gold medals and still lose the game because of trash teammates!! This needs to be changed. I kno for a FACT that blizzard wouldn't hire people [email protected] don't cooperate together in their studios!!! So why force the players who go hard to be with theses weak garbage can crust trash players?.? #blizzardCodersAreToxic