Fallout 4: New Vegas - First Gameplay Footage & New Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "The team behind the New Vegas mod for Fallout 4 has released the first gameplay video for it, showcasing some of its system mechanics. This video also packs some combat mechanics so you will get an idea of what you can expect from it. Furthermore, the team also released some brand new screenshots that you can view below."

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chris235286d ago

yea... thing is i found new vegas for fallout 3 already to be a horrible and very boring and pointless addon. now we got an updated version of that. yaay.

Tetsujin286d ago

I actually like New Vegas over 4. If it was a proper remaster I'd buy it in a heart beat and not think twice. My only wish is "if" they bring back New Vegas, have the opportunity to continue after the main story.

kevnb286d ago

what the hell is a "proper remaster"? Just get it for PC, it already runs at a higher resolution and frame rate, which is pretty much all you would get in something labelled "remaster".

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BIGBOSS08286d ago

Why the heck does new Vegas have such a mixed reputation? You got some saying it's the worst fallout yet we have others saying it's the best fallout without question. Personally I never completed new Vegas because I was fatigued from hundreds of hours of fallout 3 and there was alot of other games at the time. I do remember it being a damn good fallout game with an overwhelming amount of choices. The hate it gets is unfair.

kevnb286d ago

I’m not sure how anyone would think it was the worst, gunplay and rpg elements make fallout 3 look bad.

lex-1020286d ago

Fallout 3 came out first and had a better story but had massive RPG problems, much like 4.

Fallout New Vegas fixed all of the problems with Fallout 3, brought the series closer to its roots, improved on the RPG mechanics, but had a bland story, didn't improve on the Engine, and had more bugs. People forget that Obsidian fixed more bugs and provided more support over the years than Bethesda did.

I think the big thing is that without a big leap in the engine (think Morrowind to Oblivion and Oblivion to Skyrim) it felt like an addon to Fallout 3.

Most Fallout fans prefer NV to 3 or 4.

Vegamyster285d ago

I prefer Fallout 3 a hair more but I loved the choice it offered you, i wasn't a big fan on the back & forth involved in a some of the bigger quest lines & Vegas itself was pretty underwhelming. That said i enjoyed both a lot more than Fallout 4 which i found quite disappointing.

TacticAce286d ago

People worship new vegas because of its mods... Ask anyone who praises New Vegas to play vanilla and give up their mods and they wont be as excited...

showtimefolks286d ago

i played without mods and it was a lot of fun

IndieFolk286d ago

Same. I praise NV and played it without mods (XB360). Now I'm playing it, for the first time, on PC.

fenome286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I played vanilla and I liked it better than 3. I enjoyed both actually.


Just reread your comment, I misunderstood what you meant. I haven't played it with mods and then went back to vanilla, I don't see why anyone would actually go back to play vanilla after mods though. It's obviously going to be a better experience with mods.

TacticAce286d ago

I literally booted it up the other day vanilla on PC and tried playing again and it just was not fun. I get it you guys remember it from a nostalgia standpoint, and at the time it was pretty good. But I doubt any of you are going to spend the time playing vanilla TODAY...

CrimsonIdol286d ago

I was playing it just the other day. Vanilla. It's great and holds up well in my opinion. Doesn't need mods like the others do as it's got so many good built in systems. Definitely the best first-person Fallout.

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GamesMaster1982286d ago

Damn i thought this was a real new add on coming out for Fallout 4 officially when i saw the title.

Perjoss286d ago

So many titles these days are just click bait. Clearly this should have been titled as a fan project or mod.

EazyC286d ago

That's amazing, if I didn't know it was a mod I would say that was an official product!

IndieFolk286d ago

Spent more than 500 hours with FNV, easily makes it into my top3 favourite games of all time. If this ever comes out, I'll have a reason to spend at least more than 50h with "FO4". XD

In the shadow of the valleyyy, I'd like to settle down. ♪

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