Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 2nd-8th Jan 2018

Neil writes: "Happy New Year! Now put down the plates of food and finish off that beer, for the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale is here once more to deliver a host of Xbox One and Xbox 360 bargains. Do us Xbox gamers get to kick off 2018 in style? We've got the full list of discounts available between the 2nd-8th January 2018!"

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chaos-emeralds385d ago

Surely everybody has what they want by now. Why are the prices always more expensive than PlayStation??

Ciporta1980385d ago

They aren't always more expensive but they are the majority of the time. PlayStation definitely does seem to have far better digital sales. At least they do here in the UK. I've still managed to pick up some bargains now and then though. They do need a kick though. Just last week I was gonna buy digital forza 7. Looked on the store it was in the sale for £32. Then I look on Amazon and I could get a play anywhere digital code for £24.50 so I did. That shouldn't really happen. How are Amazon able to sell the digital version cheaper than ms? Makes no sense. Also the disc version was £22 at the same time.

chaos-emeralds385d ago

I used to just buy disc because of this. I only buy digital now on my ps4, its really cheap in those deals. I'll grab an oldie on the xb1 now and again though.

BigWan78385d ago

@Chaos-Emeralds i dont know what countey ur in but, in the USA.. PS4 & Xbox Digital sales are usually pretty equal in price for most part.

every once in awhile there may be a $1.00 difference either way

385d ago