Best External HDDs and SSDs for Xbox One X going into 2018

Game Idealist: "The Xbox One X launched in late 2017. If you own the system, chances are that you will quickly run out of room on the default internal hard disk drive. Fortunately, the gaming console are compatible with USB external hard drives."

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291d ago
ElementX291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I have 18 games installed on my Xbox with room to spare. I have the 4k assets and down sample for the moment.

Tazzy291d ago

18 games is nothing I have over 130 now on my Xbox One S I have a 1tb plus a 3tb with over 700gbs free the 4k is going to take up space and really quick same will happen for PS5 when it launches.

OneLove290d ago

Seagate hub is actually the best for xbox.

Eonjay291d ago

obviously this applies to PS4 as well... and yes for PC. The only thing that applies to PS4 and PC is internal HDD and SSD drives.

nitus10290d ago

With the PC it is usually cheaper and you get a better performance if you get a 3.5 inch HDD compared to a 2.5 inch HDD. Of course, SSD's or in some cases M2's are the best choice in terms of performance (over five times faster) but they are still expensive compared to HDD's.