What Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will (possibly) bring in 2018

In this article, RGM takes a look at what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo might have in store for gamers in 2018.

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Cyborgg294d ago

Looking forward to Nintendo and Sony exclusives

KillZallthebeast293d ago

Wonder what games MS will cancel

Shubhendu_Singh293d ago

Does MS have something to cancel ?

indysurfn293d ago

I see something coming big for Nintendo, and Sony. With SWITCH taking over Nintendo's sales very fast, and a wave of portable games coming. Guess what is coming?

All those JRPG's that went portable starting back in 2000. The wave is mostly by Japanese developers and will be on SWITCH and PS4. Plus there will be other genres, but the biggest ones will be JRPG's.

KillZallthebeast293d ago

what are you even talking about dude.

KillZallthebeast293d ago

the switch taking over Nintendo sales was cemented when the pokemon company decided ultra was the last game to grace the 3ds. Pokemon is the big game, and I honestly see playstation and the switch coexisting. Might be a fun future as long as neither get complacent.

293d ago
Godmars290293d ago

You mean announce with great fanfare, then cancel somewhere down the line.

BIGBOSS08293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

They should cancel crackdown 3 with how bad it's shaping up to be. It's a guaranteed flop at this point. Might as well cancel it and save the embarrassment. It will make xbox look bad having crackdown 3 and sea of thieves against the likes of God of war and spiderman. It's literally free advertising for Sony from Microsoft.

frostypants292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

@BIGBOSS08 I honestly think MS is hoping that time makes people forget all the "CLOUD POWAH" promises they made regarding Crackdown 3. That was virtually the entire point of the game and how they presented it, and I am guessing it will be nowhere to be found (or at least nowhere near what they promised) once released. So they are holding the game back and banking on that memory fading. I don't think it will. When (IF) it is released, and if that multiplayer cloud capability isn't flat out amazing on the OG One (i.e. no X required), the whole "cloud powah" meme debacle is going to be resurrected and thrown in their face hard. And they will deserve it.

Vizigoth04292d ago

@ frostypants

Well the thing about clouds is that they are generally slow. Now if it was lighting maybe there would be some power after all.

mark_parch292d ago

after playing the alpha i'm really excited for sea of thieves and my friend and i are big state of decay fans so can't wait to play co-op in the sequel but unless crackdown 3's multiplayer is fucking amazing with all the cloud destruction they promised it will flop hard and could even have a really big negative impact on microsoft. also super hyped for ori and the will of the wisp if that releases this year. other games i'm looking forward to are spiderman, god of war, anthem, metro, the last night, ashen, the artful escape and below if that ever ends up getting finished

Elimin8291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

! KillZallthebeast........LMAO

Elimin8291d ago

@ Shubhendu_Singh....... Really LMAO!!!

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Brugal293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I second that’

starchild293d ago

I'm looking forward to any good exclusives or multiplats. I really hope we at least get to see a gameplay trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 this year.

GrubsterBeater292d ago

My gut is telling me that this is the year they show another trailer for Cyberpunk 2077...

Let's hope they show it because it's been way too long being in the dark with that game.

I'm hoping that they show an amazing trailer that's nice and polished with a surprise 2018 release window... That's pretty optimistic, but here's hoping..

WilliamSheridan292d ago

Ok seriously , enough already with the fanboy shit

obidanshinobi292d ago

Welcome to N4G where PS fanboys dictate the narrative.
Anything deemed positive towards MS will get you down votes.
Anything deemed negative towards Sony will also get you down votes.

Eonjay292d ago

OMG! I can't wait for Forza 11 either! I also can't stand people who stand for new games. That stupid fanboy shit right there!! Everyone should only want 4K Forza.

WilliamSheridan292d ago

That guy right there proves my point... This site is ruined. I used to love it here, but the articles have been shit and the fanboy crap is tiresome.

Strafe292d ago

If you can't see the moronic fanboi shit he's referring to you really are dumb Eonjay.

OB1Biker292d ago

I think you cant avoid the fanboy crap on the internet. Thats not just a N4G thing like many on here want to pretend, seemingly happy to play victims. I say every one has a right to enjoy whatever they want to and not be intimidated to say so. (in the relevant posts of course, or that could be trolling)
What I find the worse on these gaming communities is the smarty pants telling you how silly you are to enjoy a game or a console they dislike which is quite ironic given you dont waste your time talking about something you hate.
I say dont be afraid to share your passion but dont hate on others passions. Happy gaming everyone

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PrematuaProcrastin8a292d ago

Really? That would be the same as me saying "I wonder how many times PSN will be hacked this year". You all really need a new song. Instead of celebrating the games that are (possibly) coming to your preferred platform, the first thing you do is attempt to shit on someone else's preferred platform. It screams of insecurity, and is very, very sad.

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yumi76294d ago

Sony and Nintendo will bring tons of exclusive games and Microsoft will continue to limp along riding the coattails of the third party developers and coasting on timed exclusives.

293d ago
lxeasy293d ago

No doubt Sony and Nintendo will have great exclusives in 2018. As someone who owns all consoles hoping Xbox releases stellar exclusives as well. If all 3 of them releases great exclusives then we all win. Well unless your one of those N4G folks who love seeing Xbox do bad for whatever reason...

Direwolf484293d ago

When all three are at the top of their game, gaming as a whole benefits.

-Foxtrot293d ago

But at the minute MS are nowhere near the top of their game...

LP-Eleven293d ago

Gaming is doing just fine, regardless of MS's input.

indysurfn293d ago

Since Microsoft is not at the top of their game. And Destiny has lost momentum. I think it would be a great opportunity for Microsoft to offer them a contract to make the next Halo.

Just a Idea Phil!

Godmars290293d ago

Early on 360 aside, when has MS ever been at the top of their game?

On the other hand, to hear it from MS they've never been off their game. If only using Xbox numbers in judging the Xbox's success.

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Sayai jin292d ago

Logical thinking...such a rare thing to see.

frostypants292d ago

I agree. When one isn't pulling their weight, it takes a little pressure off the others. Xbox's current state is not a good thing for competition. The silver lining is maybe (maybe) MS finally "gets it" and pulls a 180 in the coming years.

Vizigoth04292d ago

We don't love seeing Xbox do bad. It just does bad very well. And it's not necessarily Xbox we blame. It's Microsoft. From Xbox we'd like 2 see a new First person shooter other than Halo, a third person action the likes of Uncharted. An open world RPG the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn. And action game the likes of God of War. A survival game the likes of The Last of Us. That is it. Games to match it's competition.

GrubsterBeater292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

The games don't have to even BE like those games. They just need NEW, fresh IP's that have some quality from a talented developer. They don't even need to get a new development team to make these games (although they DO need new development teams). They could have these developers that they use for the rinse, repeat "Halo/Gears/Forza" franchises and have them take a risk on something new.

I think the problem is that MS doesn't want to take risks because their new IP's didn't sell that much and they don't want to lose money on something not proven to make decent sales numbers (Halo/Gears/Forza), but I don't think they understand that it's not an instant payoff to throw some risk taking and variety in your game development, it's a long term payoff that pays off in triplicate eventually... this is what Sony did, and that's why they are the King of gaming.

The XBox fans think that us Sony fans WANT to see XBox fail, when in reality, we WANT XBox to succeed. If XBox succeeds, then PlayStation and Switch are pushed even harder to make sure they are succeeding and everyone wins. The problem is that not only is XBox not a success story, but MS makes it so that XBox looks like the greedy little scheister that wants to ruin gaming for profit while implementing draconian policies and introducing cancerous practices that spread through gaming like a virus. They also lie and spin.... a LOT...

So no, we don't want to hate XBox... but at the moment, it's hard not to.. Hopefully sometime soon MS will change, but right now, the chance of that is bleak, just like the current and future game lineup for XBox is bleak..

And I really wish it WASN'T like that.. but it is..

chaos-emeralds292d ago

As an old massive fanboy of the Xbox brand, so many of us have jumped ship to ever want to get back on board.

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Elda293d ago

Sony will slay as always.

293d ago
nowitzki2004292d ago

Its a walk in the park for Sony at this point. Im just so surprised that even at the very top they dont let down 1 bit. Still keep delivering.

Nintendo is slowly creeping back up but I dont see them having as great a 2018 as they did 2017. Whats gonna match Mario and Zelda??

And Xbox is in a league of their own at the very bottom.

jaymacx292d ago

Truth is though we know almost nothing for Nintendo for 2018. So who knows. Zelda isn’t even their highest selling franchise and neither is 3d Marios. The president of Nintendo is pushing for 20 million systems , so they must have games to push that number.

Cyborgg292d ago

Bayonetta 3, Metroid, Luigi Mansion., Kirby.

trooper_292d ago

Undisputed king of games.