AQP City: GTA and RDR Clone gets First Gameplay Trailer, Showing Awesome UE4 Footage

Check out the first gameplay trailer of AQP City, an upcoming one man project open world game - powered by Unreal Engine 4, inspired by Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Kiwi66290d ago

Suppose you think you could do better than him

FPSFox290d ago

Hate this argument no matter the context. One does not have to be capable of doing better in order to have a negative opinion. Are you a game programmer? If not, you should check out Vroom for the switch, or maybe Road Rage for PS4. I think you'll love em' ;)

jagermaster619290d ago

I think he is just butthurt it's not a PS4 exclusive...

cartoonx1290d ago

FPSFox, no matter what u are are or wha ur oppinion is, writing a "lol" in a response is just bad no other way around.

ocelot07289d ago

@jadermaster619 I heard it's an Xbox One "launch" exclusive.

killswitch80286d ago

and you don't need to be a dev to be a critic.

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Crazyglues289d ago (Edited 289d ago )


Actually it's funny you should say that, --> Isn't that what you just did, you don't know what I was laughing at....

F.Y.I --> I was laughing at the title, it's silly to call these games or demo's of GTA, clones... It's a complete diss to GTA V as if anyone can just pick up coding and a graphics engine and somehow do what took a team of developers years to make, it's even more silly that these videos even compare their-self to the game, and even more silly that you just assumed I was laughing at the guy who made this...

F.Y.I --> I wasn't, I was laughing at the comparison, the other way around. Why would anyone think you can just make a GTA V clone and it would be that easy is silly.... so no @Jagermaster619 I'm not butthurt I'm just an adult so it's hard to act like a little kid, like you just did.

Again people don't take things out of context, just because someone makes a comment you don't like or understand, it's 2018 try to grow up, move on, it's really not that serious... or at the very least ask a question...

So @ Kiwi66, no I don't think I can do better, and I'm not taking nothing away from the person who made this, I just don't think it's fair to the developers who made GTA V to compare there work to this..

cartoonx1289d ago

true the title is bad, and i dont think the game comes close to gta, sorry that i didnt know ur true intention but the comment was very helpful either.

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crazychris4124290d ago

Pretty good for being made by 1 guy. Don't expect GTA quality when he doesnt have hundreds of employees and $200 million budget

Zeref290d ago

dude, this is nearly impossible for 1 guy.
He's literally superman if it is just 1 guy.

Jaypi03290d ago

You'd be surprised what one person who's determined and focused can accomplished over a period of time. He been working at it for going on 6 years now, assuming he's been putting some money towards it little by little, over that period of time, and working steadily, he may not need the super budget AAA games get all at once if it's over time.

Palitera289d ago

This is veeery near the impossible zone, yes.
That's why he probably bought many of the assets and code he is using on the project.
Still VERY impressive.

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theXtReMe1290d ago

Looks good, though the 2D building fronts need to go and the pop-in 20 feet in front of the player needs fixed. Other than that, I think they need to tone down the parkour a bit. If they can tighten everything up and make a compelling game out of it, count me in. If the guy making it is listening... allow players to enter more than a third or half or more of the buildings. Nothing more irritating than seeing a casino and not being able to go in and play(cough... GTA). Also, balance the economy. If the player can earn millions of dollars, give them many legal and illegal ways to do so... and just as many ways to spend it. GTAs biggest issue is the lack of things to spend money on. Its always been a problem with the franchise. Make the law enforcement more strict. If you steal a car, make it hard to get away. If you do, you still have to mind your peripheral for some time, as police may still recognize you if you were captured on camera. Which also gives players the incentive to pre-plan their heists, so to leave as little of a footprint as possible. If you steal more than one car, even more so. Same goes with gunning people down or runnng them over.

Ive always had a love/ hate relationship with GTA for these very reasons. If you can just steal a car and get away with it easily, by driving 2 blocks away from the police for a minute, whats the incentive to buy one? A realistic economy gives players incentive to keep playing to buy that house, shirt, boat or car they want. The same goes for realistic law enforcement, as making it too easy for players to get away... totally negates the economy. As most will choose crime over work, just to get what they want faster. But, if you make it as hard to get away as it is in real life, you make them think twice about choosing crime over working towards their goals. Which ultimately helps lengthen the time your players will play your game.

Other than those things I mentioned, the game looks promising... as we dont have many games or developers trying to mimic that GTA thing. Id like to see someone do so and create some competition, so that each becomes better. Which only benefits us gamers.

sizeofyou290d ago

Each to their own. I like the balance of the last GTA. Would like to enter more buildings. And escaping through them. I liked the wheeling and dealing it offered on stock market. But I really don't want to be buying bread, milk and tiothpaste....

289d ago
Jaypi03290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Looks pretty damn good actually, reminds me more of Saints Rows 1-3 before it got a bit over the top. Graphically and physics wise it looks really smooth, i don't know about the story but as a giant sandbox world it looks like it can be pretty fun.

Also going based off the guy's Facebook page, it looks like he's been working on the game since 2012. That's a whole lot of work to put into this, hope it turns out great.

DarkMeans290d ago

Maybe Rockstar or another developer will see this and pick this guy up for a job.

ChickeyCantor290d ago

wear him out and then ditch him? yeah pretty neat prospect.

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