Zelda: Breath of the Wild wins Gamer Professionals' Game of the Year

By and large, this years has been loaded with some of the best games to come out in the last decade. Here at Gamer Professionals especially, the conversations (or sometimes arguments) over what game deserves the high praise of ‘Game of the Year’ have become very deep and occasionally heated. We were able to narrow our site-wide favorite games this year into a Top 5 list, with nominees that were interesting and exciting to disclose.

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balance2theforce653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

Definitely was a good year for games. So I can only imagine the conversations. An excellent choice on your Game Of The Year though. Extremely deserving title.

LordoftheCritics653d ago

Zelda is on a roll.

Very well deserved.

Congrats Nintendo. Too bad Mario released in the same year. Odyssey deserves its own GOTY too.

balance2theforce653d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. They didn't even really need to release it this year considering they had a pretty solid and steady flow of games. So that only makes me think that they must have some pretty good shit lined up for this year. I do indeed hope that's the case.

PigPen653d ago

TLOZ: BOTW is just unstoppable.

DrumBeat653d ago

Witcher 3 stopped it years ago, imo.

EddieNX 653d ago

not imo and many others but you're entitled to it.

BOTW is #1

653d ago
balance2theforce653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

We understand that you have your opinion, but In the words of the great, lemon pledge fragranced Consuela noooooo, nooooo.

goldwyncq653d ago

Every time BOTW gets chosen as the GOTY, a Sony fanboy dies inside.

King Nezz653d ago

How dare you speak such blasphemy!

balance2theforce653d ago

Now now, let's let the sleeping Strays lie. No need to start or have some of the more undesirable a fanatical users bring any kind of the childish trolling; console war crap, fanboying or flaming in a thread that has been normal thus far for a change. Sometimes others have to do their part as well after all. Let's just enjoy nonsense free atmosphere and Zelda having more of its time.

gangsta_red653d ago

Everytime BOTW gets a GOTY, Kaz drowns a kitten.

balance2theforce653d ago

Lmao aww haw man, that is horrible, but kind of funny. Then again I am a dark humor kind of dude. However, FullmetalRoyale has won this thread thus far with that gif. That one there is certainly getting saved!

653d ago
Kribwalker653d ago

Lol, fantastic game, deserves every bit of praise

652d ago
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gangsta_red653d ago

I am super curious to see what Nintendo does with the next Zelda. They alsways try to do something new with their titles in terms of gameplay or design.

I wonder what the theme will be for the next installment?

The 10th Rider653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I personally hope they just attempt to refine BOTW's design as much as possible and mix it with traditional Zelda.

I want to see traditional dungeons back. If they mixed 8-12 in the overworld that would be amazing.

I also would like to see areas that are locked behind certain items. It'd be great if you needed the iron boots to make it somewhere underwater. Bombs to blow a hole into a cavern. The hookshot to reach a mountaintop or cross a crevice. A lantern to make it through some dark area, or into a blizzard. There could be a city in the sky that you need an item to make it to. A island that you need a special item to make it to. Etc . . .

FullmetalRoyale653d ago

I love what you’re pitching, and I hope one they’re listening.

Gemmol653d ago

What you just wrote is what they said in an article on what they won't do, the creator said in past games certain players when they reach a spot and the game tell them that they need this or that, the player would give up on the area or other areas because they do not have that no areas will be locked away but your other ideas are good

ShottyatLaw653d ago

I definitely would welcome a blending of the new (BotW) and the old (more in line with your suggestions).

I wouldn't mind an OoT time travel theme again. It might be too large in ambition, but I would love to see us going back and forth between a pre-destruction Hyrule and a world like what we played through in BotW.

PhantomS42653d ago

As much as I loved BOTW I hope they can find a balance between this game (open world, focus on exploration) and older titles (big dungeons, better storytelling).

Eiyuuou653d ago

Add the following and they’ll have my GOTY-vote:

- More real dungeons
- More enemy variety
- A good story
- An amazing soundtrack

If it would have had these things it would’ve easily been my GOTY.

Now, not even close. Especially due to the lack of story.

Instantnoodles88653d ago

Loving all the Breath Of The Wild articles lately. This game truly deserves all the praise it's receiving

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