11 Upcoming PlayStation Vita Games to Watch Out for in 2018

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "No matter how many times I get told "Vita is dead", the handheld manages to keep on chugging on - every week there seems to be a new game tease, announcement, or release to keep the console going. Although Nintendo's Switch has hit the ground running and sadly siphoned off some support in terms of indies and Japanese games, 2018 looks to still be a brilliant year for Sony's handheld hardware, with a number of key titles lined up ranging from big publishers to tiny indies."

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Fist4achin294d ago

Vita coming on with another strong year after being declared dead by so many. I'm sure there will be more than these 11 titles

Protagonist292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Vita means life!!! ;))

I can not believe Catherine will be on the Vita, such a treat.