Up to 82% off Funko Pop Mass Effect Andromeda figures

The Funko Pop Mass Effect Andromeda figures have been discounted to as low as $1.98.

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kneon384d ago

Not surprised. If you were to draw a Venn diagram of people that care about Mass Effect Andromeda and people that care about Funko Pop figures, the circles would barely be touching.

Jasmine__383d ago

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Takwin384d ago

I bought some on Amazon for less than $2. I often buy Funkos when they drop under $3, especially from Amazon. If there is any damage, just do a return request, which is automatically approved, and they pay for the shipping to and from so you get a new one. Sometimes, you get to keep the damaged one because shipping cost more than it is worth.

That said, Mass Effect was one of my favorite franchises, now it is dead to me. Peebee was the only good thing about it.

ibrake4naps383d ago

Awesome! I'm all over this. I love Funko pops, and andromeda had the best environments and combat of the series!