How Sony Could Meet The Challenge Presented By The Xbox One X

As 2018 dawns, the Xbox One X stands alone as the most powerful video game console you can buy. Months of pre-release hype were fulfilled when the One X launched in November. The console's beefy specs (2.3 GHz 8-core CPU, 1.172 GHz, 6 teraflop GPU, 12 GB GDDR5 memory, 326 GB/s bandwidth) have already been leveraged to enhance many games to levels no other console can match. Sony’s most powerful console, the PS4 Pro, isn’t in the same league.

JaguarEvolved2397d ago

-''Sony will have an answer for the One X. What that answer will be remains unknown. Whatever it is, sooner is better than later from Sony’s point of view.''

sonys anwer is having the best looking games for consoles and the most exclusive games for consoles of this generation. the xbox doesnt have any exclusive titles available because they are all on pc

Kribwalker2397d ago

they don’t have the best looking games tho. AC Origins and Forza 7 are two of the best looking games out there. And one is 3rd party Multiplat. Just wait till more games take advantage of it

OB1Biker2397d ago

'Months of pre-release hype were fulfilled when the One X launched in November' with a very disappointing npd result.
There's your answer. I'm sure many peoples jaws were on the floor.

TheKingKratos2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

No ps4Pro do have the best looking games and will continue to have them and
Those games got the awards for best graphics from most sites like Horizon and Uncharted LL etc etc
Even those games on base ps4 look better than anything in the Market
Now show me those Assassin creed origins graphics awards

bluefox7552396d ago

@Kribwalker Neither one of those games look as good as HZD or UC4. Even digital foundry agrees.

Dragonscale2396d ago

@krib, higher res doesn't always mean better graphics fgs.

UCForce2396d ago

@Kribwalker Really ? Digital Foundry said Horizon Zero Dawn is the best looking game of 2017. They added that game on their number one list. Oh, Are you going to say them are Sony bias ?

wobblypops462396d ago

Too bad that those exclusives that you people always boast about only sell to about 2-3% of the entire PS4 user base. Go ahead and check the sales of each exclusive then compare that to the supposed 70+ million PS4's out there. It seems that the majority don't care about them for all the damn hype they get. But who cares about the truth because that would just kill the whole false narrative that exclusives matter, right? smh

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Razzer2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I’m playing AC Origins on a PC more powerful than One X. It doesn’t touch HZD in visuals.

one2thr2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )


Thats what happens when a console has many available options, and many options to come.

Some people have time and money to buy them all, whereas others have to pick and choose accordingly.

As for the other, its pretty much, "What you see is, what you get".

morganfell2396d ago

Sony doesn't need to answer anything. The X1X, the console deemed more important than a single new Xbox IP has already dropped past 60 on Amazon and the game that was going to rule the world, pubg, is plummeting too.

Game over.

MS is the one that needs to start sweating bullets over everything Sony has coming and everything Sony is about to do that has yet to be unveiled.

ABizzel12396d ago

AC Origins doesn't look better than a couple of open world games this generation. It's nice that it's Dynamic 4K on XBO-X with some added post processing, but it's still not the best looking open world game. Completely excluding art style because then we bring Zelda and Gravity Rush into the mix, Horizon is still a much better looking game running on weaker hardware.

These games are designed for the base consoles, and scaled up, so until it changes where games are designed for the XBO-X and scaled down (which is unlikely outside of exclusives), we won't see many games that look better than the current PS4 exclusives, especially considering there are only a few game engines out there that rival Sony's first party engines CryEngine, Frostbite, iD Tech, and this one's a big maybe when it comes to console, but Unreal Engine 4 (said game must be developed as an exclusive). None of which MS own, so unless they get a 2nd party exclusive PS will still carry the graphics crown, even if they lose the resolution battle.

Xx_Pistol_xX2396d ago

@Kribwalker Notice that Assassins Creed sold better on PS4 and that Forza is getting outsold by Gran Turismo.

yeahokwhatever2396d ago

kirbwalker is stoned out of his mind. pay no attention.

yeahokwhatever2396d ago

hey wobbly, those games you say dont sell are selling better than the XB1X.

Kribwalker2396d ago

So suddenly digital foundry is relevant and not biased again? you guys flip flop more then a fish out of water

S2Killinit2396d ago

there is really no challenge posed by xbonex.

indysurfn2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

That was WRONG DeadSilence! I am NOT going to laugh! Nope can't make me!
(wait I have to go do something).

I'm back.
What Sony COULD DO is KEEP giving us what we want! Next up, to make the Cherry on top would be 'Legend of Dragoon 2'! That would be sweet.

We want Exclusives.
We want first party exclusives
We want JRPG's
We want games that take advantage of the PS4, and PS4 Pro hardware.
We want SINGLE player with story included games.

We don't want Microsoft's greedy attitude... err ....I mean SERVICES (which in this case means rent to never own).

RacerX2396d ago

As an Xbox fan boy myself, even I can see that Sony doesn't need an answer to the X1X right away. Sony has massive market share, many exclusives, and great public perception.

X1X is powerful, but not enough exclusives for me to buy one yet. Its great for a lot of people I'm sure, but I'm not ready to jump in until I see a steady stream of exclusives lined up.

UltraNova2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )


HZD beats the living shit out of Forza and AC:O. Its not even fair really. How about taking the blinders off for once...common you can still do it once for 2017!


Forbes is a joke, I can't say this enough.

Realms2396d ago


That's why plebs that support MS aren't getting any new Ip's enjoy the extra pixels on games that can be played on every other platform including PC which by the way can outperform the x.

DialgaMarine2396d ago

@Krib Not that your comments have any validity as is, but when you mention Forza 7 as “one of the best looking games out there”, you just dig yourself deeper and deeper. Not only is Forza 7 far from a great graphics example, GTS looks better, and racing games are typically not included in such discussions because they are literally the least demanding games on any hardware. Dynamic cloud movements and day/ night cycles, for example, are much more impressive in a game like HZD than they are in Forza 7. Feel free to cry about it, but DF, the same group who constantly praises X and were officially sponsored by MS (but never Sony), marked HZD as the most impressive tech piece this year for a reason. Guess what? HZD wasn’t built for some super powered Netflix or PC hardware; it was built for base PS4 hardware, and it looks that good. Happy New Year.

rainslacker2396d ago


So, I have a question.

People keep saying that exclusives don't matter.

So that makes me wonder, does power matter?

You see, despite the power gulf between X1X and PS4P/PS4, the PS4(and maybe the Pro) are outselling the X1X, and PS4 in general is outselling the X1 in general. So, since it's not exclusives, and the X1X's power doesn't seem to be changing anything as Sony continues to dominate over MS(and right now, Nintendo is surpassing MS), what exactly is compelling people to buy these systems?

Since it's not exclusives, and not power, that leaves playing with friends, or people just don't like MS or Xbox enough to give it a second glance.

I await your answer.

GamingIVfun2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

The Xbox One X Is the most powerful console that everyone has to show zoomed in footage of games to show how much more powerful it is over the competition. No one plays games inches from the screen. the difference is so minimal that the media and bloggers have to use zoomed in footage to show any difference over the PS4 Pro, we see this in nearly every article, ridiculous. In it's release month the Xbox One X could not beat the PS4, why because the PlayStation platform is the best platform for gaming period. Microsoft has a long way to go with the Xbox platform to being better than PS4 over all.

How Microsoft could meet the challenge presented by the PS4.