Iron Harvest Shows Off Destructible Terrain & Dynamic Cover

Iron Harvest developers King Art have released a video on their YouTube channel showing off destructible terrain & dynamic cover, two of the core features that were highlighted at the game's announcement last month.

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cd1289d ago

Nice, we need more RTS's on console - ideally with mouse support.

Kumakai288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Agreed. It looks great and KM support support would capture the speed and fluidity of pc style playing which is sometimes lost in console adaptations. Happy the x1x will have KM support very soon for this reason.

cd1288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

I hope Sony follow suit with KB/M support too as long as they don't make it compatible with all games, online shooters need to stay at a level playing field imo. Separate lobby's for pad users would resolve that but would also split the community.

eyeDEVOUR288d ago

@CD1.. PS4 already has k&m support.. I use it all the time. its up to devs to put it in the games.

288d ago
Kumakai288d ago

Finally another cool rts. Looking great especially for pre-alpha. Would love this to support keyboard and mouse on my one x.