Shacknews Best Comeback of 2017: No Man's Sky

There's nothing quite as miraculous as watching an underdog fight its way back to the top.

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GNCFLYER345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

I usually don't buy an unknown game the first day. The reasons are in this article.

It's time to buy this. Thank you good read.

spambot0815345d ago

prediction: 2018 ist the year of no mans sky vr integration. :-)

ILostMyMind345d ago

This and a real multiplayer mode could redeem this game completely.

instantstupor344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I agree. That's what I'm waiting for. Got a freighter and a few nice ships, and I managed to get 3 of my friends interested in the game along the way (especially after patch 1.3). But we've all pretty much lost our ambition once reaching the freighter. If we can play together, that will be a HUGE boon!

Also, I'd love a VR version, but I'm guessing they won't be focusing on that for 2018 really, if ever. I think they will focus their small-team efforts on more content that everyone can enjoy, rather than getting VR integrated for a still relatively niche audience. I'm also not convinced it could run well enough on an original PS4 & I think Sony will only allow games on PSVR that can run well on both OG & Pro. I'm playing it on my OG PS4 & it only runs acceptably, sometimes the framerate dipping into the 10s or even freezing for a couple of seconds before bouncing back (especially around my base).

I'd absolutely love to check this out on PSVR or Rift as this game seems like it would fit VR so, so well.

WickedLester345d ago

Not really. All the updates still do not make this game fun. That's what it boils down to with me. It's still a tedious, snooze fest of a game with not enough payoff for all the grinding you have to do.

Sono421344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

See but do you feel the same way about Zelda? (if you have played it) Botw never ever rewards you for anything you do giving you puzzles a 5 year old could beat with ease and then simply giving you an orb and a weapon that will break 3 enemies later. It is a never ending grind for nothing. No man's sky at least lets you work towards something now, you can get freighters, vehicles, bases, suit upgrades, weapon upgrades, try to make your way to where a friend is a build together. My point is there is plenty to work towards, in Zelda there simply isn't, then when you finally do work towards something you are rewarded with an almost entirely useless object that will be gone shortly after. Yet that game gets loads of goty awards and is touted revolutionary and this game gets called a snooze fest. Boggles my mind honestly. Also don't even try to say Zelda has more of a story because it doesn't, it's a pathetic excuse of one, these games in terms of story are about on the exact same level.

WickedLester344d ago

I haven't played Zelda yet (just got a Switch). However I just find NMS to be "Busywork The Videogame." Nothing about it entertains me. Once the novelty of traveling from one planet to another wore off, I came to realize that i wasnt having fun with it. The planets, along with the flora and fauna, arent varied enough or interesting enough to keep me exploring just for the sake of discovery. Also, everything just takes too long. Sometimes theres a reason why videogame time and real time cant be the same. I dont want to sit on my couch and push the X button for 20 minutes to fly to an outpost. Plus the whole inventory management system is so frustrating, constantly switching items back and forth between my exosuit and my ship and frankly upgrades do not come fast enough. Its just not fun to me. Its tedious work.

chris235345d ago

sorry. the gameplay of this game is still the epitome of boredom. they need to lose the procedural crap and come pack with an engaging gameplay.

Sm00thNinja345d ago

I enjoyed this game at launch even platinumed but it became boring fairly quick. I always jump back in with new updates and it's hard to identify if I can't get into it because it's boring or intimidating lol.

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