The 2017 Game of the Year

2017 was an unpredictable year for gamers. Some of the year's best games came from surprising places, from indie smash hits to a resurgent Nintendo, while venerable studios and established franchises stumbled and fell.

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NecrumOddBoy319d ago

BOTW is not the best game of 2017 and not even close to best Zelda game

pandehz318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

It is the best game of 2017 according to them.

And me of course :)

And im sure many others.

Well its gonna win everywhere that matters anyways, so its gonna be a loooong winter for you.

Imalwaysright318d ago

I see people saying that a lot and I have no idea what BOTW being or not the best Zelda game has to do with it winning goty . Were other Zelda games released this year?

Neonridr318d ago

*in my opinion

there, fixed that for you.

Prince_TFK317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

It still is the best game and GOTY for 2017 for almost every gaming media out there.

Maybe you should try it (if you haven’t yet) to see why it deserves these accolades.

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ClayRules2012318d ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn for me.

All will have different opinions, and I respect that.

TheVetOfGaming318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I bought it and never finished it. It's a beautiful looking game, and the robots were a cool idea, but I just found it extremely repetitive. It's a technical wonder, but I personally think it's just an OK game. Didn't downvote you as it's your opinion just like this is mine. I'm pretty glad I got it for $20 black Friday as it was the hype and everyone raving on about it that made me finally buy it. Got Gran Turismo new for £18, and it was worth every penny, and I'm not a racing fan, but it is a great game.

ClayRules2012318d ago

Hey, bud. I have no issues with anyone down voting me, here on N4G as long as people can express their opinions to me while being respect & mature, I have no issues with anyone down voting. I respect your opinion too. I’m glad to hear you didn’t spend $60 on it, only to be disappointed in the end. It’s great to hear your enjoying Gran Turismo tho! I loved Driveclub, and am not even a racing fan. I can totally relate.

Much respect to you for sharing your opinion in a good way. I genuinely appreciate that =)

Prince_TFK317d ago

I had played Horizon. It is a beautiful game. Deserves GOTY even. But just like you had said, the core gameplay is a bit too repetitive, especially the side missions.

Still, it is a great game nonetheless.

sampsonon317d ago

"but I just found it extremely repetitive." how so?


I'd give Zero Dawn the biggest surprise of the year. Even as a HUGE Killzone 2 fan, I had no clue GG could create a complex well written story like that.

It's certainly a GOTY contender, but I'd give it to Persona 5 personally.

ClayRules2012318d ago

That’s cool. I respect that. Horizon was indeed a HUGE surprise. GG’s definitely delivered a fantastic game, but also an open world that exudes beauty & life unlike any other open world game I’ve seen. So glad to hear you enjoyed Persona 5!

Neonridr318d ago

Horizon was a fantastic game. As was Mario Odyssey. I could have seen any of those three winning to be honest. But I am perfectly fine with Zelda winning it all. It's down to your preference really. If Horizon is your game, then so be it.

I appreciate it even more when people have actually played both games to have a valid opinion on which one is better or not too.

ClayRules2012318d ago

Well said. I fully understand and respect that every gamer has different & certain gaming experiences that resonate with them. So glad to hear you enjoyed Horizon. I personally didn’t enjoy the new Zelda, but I have no reason to bash or hate anyone who did enjoy it.

InTheZoneAC318d ago

fyi downvoting without a reason is not expressing an opinion, it's simply an act of a troll.

SuperSonic91317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

The nominees are:
HZD, Nioh, Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, NieR: Autonata, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, GT Sport, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy & Persona 5

And my GOTY goes to:
NieR: Automata ..... by a hair
And not just in gaming...
2B is the new pop culture sensation of 2017. You can see here image in any comic con this year.

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bluefox755318d ago

Persona 5 for me. BOTW is not even in the top 3 Zelda games IMO, but to each their own.

Neonridr318d ago

I am surprised you actually played BOTW. They way you dis Nintendo all the time leads me to believe you don't even own a Nintendo product.

Prince_TFK317d ago

He’s not. He doesn’t even own a Switch, let alone any Nintendo products to make judgement that the past Zeldas are better than BOTW.

Back on topic, I had played Persona 5, BOTW, Horizon, and Mario O, and I can honestly say that all 4 of these titles deserves GOTY.

Sono421317d ago

I completely understand this is an opinionated thing, but to me I don't know how you could give such a fundamentally flawed game goty over games with little to now flaws such as Odyssey. The good does not even come close to outweighing the bad in botw. Plenty of downtime and aimless wandering simply finding the same repetitive things over and over with tedious design, never to be actually rewarded. Then you have Odyssey which goes from one brilliantly laid out level to the next from start to finish. As I said it is opinionated but at some level there has to be a science/logic to the ups and downs and Zelda has way more downs than Odyssey with almost no ups. Zelda never truly rewards you for anything you do, and I know people give the bland excuse of "the experience is the reward" which is the most hollow statement you could make.

Neonridr317d ago

@Sono421 - Odyssey was brilliant, and could have just as easily won. I just found BOTW to be a little grander in scale. Mario was basically just one world after the other. And while there was a so called story connecting them, it just felt like a bunch of separate experiences.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the game and think it's one of the greatest Mario games, but I loved how BOTW just allowed you to do whatever you wanted. Sure, I guess there could have been more enemies populating the world but I didn't need to fight someone every 10 feet or something. BOTW wasn't perfect, but it was a huge step up over Skyward Sword in my opinion and actually opened up the Zelda franchise to do some exciting things in future installments. I can't wait to see how the next one stacks up since it will be developed from the ground up for the Switch.

Kribwalker317d ago

i agree. A lot of people on here with an opinion don’t seem to own systems that allow them to form a real opinion. they just regurgitate what they hear people say, and bluefox is one of those. I’d love for him to really share what it is that makes him feel that way. Like real examples in game, not generalized answers.

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PigPen318d ago

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is just unstoppable. Super Mario Odyssey in the same year is just awesome.

Although 2017 was good, I believe it will be taken in 2018.

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