PlayStation Releases for January 2018

PlayStationing writes: "December was quite a quiet month as is always the case. January is also a quiet month, but it ramps up towards the end. In any case, here’s the full list of games you can expect for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita platforms in January 2018."

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C4rnos294d ago

Article seems to miss Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball Fighterz both coming on the 26th.


I know right? Where is Monster Hunter?

FinalFantasyFanatic294d ago

I hope I can enjoy as much as the games on the PSP, they were really fun and a fanboy's wet dream, I get the feeling the PS4 Dissidia won't be as good but I have my fingers crossed for a pleasant surprise.

Knushwood Butt293d ago

Yeah, I played the first PSP game a lot.

That was an awesome game that really pushed what the PSP was capable of.

Xenophon_York294d ago

Hopeful Inpatient will be kind of great...

Omnisonne294d ago

Its a super secret title made only for ps3, so secret that you'll have to use your own imagination to get access.
Really cool stuff, looking forward to it.

pyroxxx294d ago

MH and DZ,.. otherwise not much,.. February has Shadow Of Collosus . cannot wait for that,.. maybe Kingdom Come turns out great