[Editorial] Did Kimishima Just Tease WarioWare for Nintendo Switch with a 2018 Release?

I hope you don’t mind reading an article, comprised of theories, because that’s exactly what this Editorial is going to be packed with!

While I do often strive to be a journalist who follows the facts, in the past I have also spent some time being a video game theorist, with my Metroid Missions editorial being the most recent case of my theories penned, but today is all about WarioWare. In an interview between Tatsumi Kimishima and Asahi, a whole range of things was discussed, but the singular thing we’re focusing on, is what Kimishima had to say about expanding the line-up of games for the Nintendo Switch, in 2018...

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LoveSpuds1364d ago

Don't care for the game in the slightest but damn, those joycon's look awesome in the picture.

Nerdmaster1364d ago

I really hope so! Game & Wario just wasn't as fun as the WarioWare series. And I also hope someday they finally port WarioWare Twisted, the best in the series.