What Microsoft Did Right And Wrong In 2017

As they close out 2017, Skewed and Reviewed look at Microsoft and what they did right and wrong in 2017 and said they would currently earn an incomplete grade.

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Aceman18346d ago

Only fair it get its turn we've had the same articles about the other two consoles.

darthv72346d ago

Yeah, true. For me what they got right was continuing to add games to the BC list. It's nowhere perfect but then again there are a lot of games to go through to get certification and ported to the xbo system to download. I was happy they brought out improved hardware to provide those who wanted a better xbo the opportunity to now have a better xbo.

What they did wrong.... they relied solely only on 3rd parties with the occasional 1st/2nd party title here and there. That is just shameful for MS when last gen they did more for the 360 in the same amount of time the xbo has been on the market. 2018 is a clean slate... They really need to go full bore on the games now that the X is out.

Razzer346d ago

That is it in a nutshell. Xbox has great hardware options, but not enough first party games to make that hardware stand out.

Goldby346d ago

they needed to go full bore on games 2-3 years ago so they would be ready for 2018.

Hardware development and software development are two different departments normally so unless they have been told to keep their mouths shut about any new games 2018 is looking to be somewhat of a repeat of this year.

with Ms new stance as to not announce games unless they will be releasing within a year means that at the earliest we will be seeing games for the later half of 2018/first half of 2019 after E3 2018 when they/if they get announced. the problem with that is that they are then either putting up their 1st party exclusives against the multiplat heavy hitters like Cod, BF, and others that release around the holidays or keeping them to the first half of 2019. if the latter is the case, that means another next to barren year for Xbox. at least this year they kept themselves in the limelight with constant talk about the Xbox One X.

of course at the end of the day, this si all speculation and my own opinion

Aceman18346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Until I see better productivity and variety on the 1st party homefront, I'll steer clear of their system. Once they show me they are serious on that front I'll see about purchasing their product again.

rainslacker345d ago


the excuse to not show games until closer to release was just a way for them to avoid having more scrutiny put on them earlier because a few people were using the "sony shows games too early" thing as if it were a bad thing. People gave MS an out, and they used it....for several years now, and they still show their games a couple years out. I wouldn't doubt that at the next E3, they show a few of the games they have slated for 2-3 years from now. MS is just at a point where they can't just keep riding the power wave, and they need to build some excitement for their system or they're going to risk bleeding users to PS, which only gives them more problems in the future.

sk8ofmnd345d ago (Edited 345d ago )


I agree with a lot of what you said except, there is no clean slate in 2018 for xbox. The best way they could have an opportunity that monumental is by hitting the console refresh button. This gen has already been decided and its a bit late this far into gen 8 for ms to finally get hit with some act right. Even if they pulled off the impossible of churning out 3-6 exclusives from 2018 on with a meta of 85 and higher most gamers made up their minds and not only that sony is in overdrive (hyperdrive) with its exclusives going into year 5 and 6 with each passing gaming event adding more and MORE reasons to be excited.

I honestly think they should have just pulled a nintendo with waiting a few years and start a new gen wiping their hands of the xb1. The ps4 pro and xb1x mid gen upgrades are extremely pointless to the point i hope this shit never happens again. If the pro showed sony anything its that gamers prefer the base console, at the right price, with a steady flow of games and the x has showed ms the importance of exclusive games not power solely or relying to heavy on 3rd partys is key to winning the long race. But its actually much more than that for bad shit for the xb1 gen Xbox has lost much of its sales on hardware and software compared to last gen. Ill honestly be super impressed if the xbox can return to the 360 glory days and go all in with the start of next gen or just be a repeat of this gen in decline further into obscurity...


Not only that but almost every if not all new i.p. from ms gets delayed to the point its expected... the only games that even come remotely close to hitting release dates are tried and true ms 1st party games that have been around the block... look at every new ip released in the last 2 years missed its release mark greatly. So even if they did have games for fall 2018 it could be fall 2019 before release.

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Ashlen346d ago

What they did right: The X is pretty good hardware.

What they did wrong: Pretty much everything Phil said and did. The near total abandonment of single player. The lack of understanding of the value of exclusive games. And the reliance on GAAS and micro-transactions.

Garethvk346d ago

Do you think that perhaps they need some new people as their "mouthpiece"? It seems as if while people listen to Phil, they can also dismiss him as well.

knickstr346d ago

They need someone to bring action. Phil says what everyone wants to hear and then doesn't back any of it up.

Garethvk346d ago

That is a good point. I work in media so naturally we get the press releases and conference stuff, but it seems to me that some companies are so focused on getting "names" on the stage they are losing site of the fact that many of them are not interesting or dynamic speakers. If you are trying to sell something, make me excited for it. Do not give me a suit who is there simply because they want some stage time. I also do not want to see some Talking Head from a Podcast. Lets get real industry people who have real passion and not someone cashing in a favor.

Ashlen346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Microsoft's whole thing is to just to hype and fool people into believing things that won't end up being true.

This gen for me it started with things like boosting the clock speed of the CPU on the XBO by a few Ghz or updating the SDK then telling people games would match the PS4. Or saying things like power of the cloud was going to be like 300 Xbox's or the DX 12 hype. Or saying they were investing billions on games with no results except a bunch of studio closures and game cancellations. It's all talk and hype with Microsoft

And more recently saying things like single player isn't relevant right after the success of games like Horizon and Zelda (two of the most awarded and best selling games this year) or GAAS is the best way forward right before the MT fiasco that this holiday turned out to be.

Phil as was stated is just a talking head who says what people want to hear, but in truth he is the perfect extension of Microsoft. It comes as no surprise to me that he actually got promoted within Microsoft.

If your asking me and I know before I even type this it will be unpopular... The best thing that could happen would be if Xbox as a whole was just removed from Microsoft. It doesn't matter who is in charge, Microsoft has been run like this since way before Xbox even existed. As long as Xbox is part of Microsoft nothing will ever change.

LordJamar346d ago

@knickstr you expect phil to just reverse years of damage in a day expect him 14 studios and have them make exclusives and release them in the same year??? No get out of fairy land. Things take time to make and do

343_Guilty_Spark346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Phil said compatibility across all gens - he fulfilled that

Delivered on Play Anywhere as more titles are coming

Said best and most powerful hardware - fulfilled

Only thing he hasn’t delivered on is more exclusives which I believe will come in time

yumi76346d ago


Phil is rolling into his 4'th year at the helm... When should he have started doing things like creating new games and investing in studios? If he starts now it's going to be 4-5 years before any projects start to bear fruit. Perhaps if he had started 4 years ago xbox wouldn't be in the situation it's in now.

These "years of damage" were Phil's years.

343_Guilty_Spark346d ago

Phil was promoted in 2014. Assuming he started on day 1 with new studios and games we wouldn’t realistically see anything until 2018-2019 ...a solid 4-5 years

ninsigma346d ago

Phil was General manager of Microsoft game studios in Europe until 2008 when he became General manager for Microsoft game studios as a whole before becoming head of Xbox so there is 0 excuse. Anything he has to fix in that area is his own doing.

Goldby346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

While true, Phil stated they were investing in first part games through creation and acquiring studios.

The earliest we would even know about any new games would be E3 due to their choice to announce games within a year of release if fhry acquired a studio that was going to be releasing on Xbox anyways.

With Xbox stating for a second time that they are now investing in 1st party again, unless it's buying studios we won't see a new exclusive before 2019 at the earliest.

Ms may also do more of the timed exclusive to hold the player attention until their games are releasing.

Edit: or invest that in already acquired studios to expand their team and allow more passion projects.

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343_Guilty_Spark346d ago

Which game is GAAS?
Right none of them

yumi76346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

The GAAS thing people talk about is directly from a interview Phil gave earlier in 2017. And nearly every big game Microsoft has released this gen has included VC and microtransactions.

343_Guilty_Spark346d ago

Games are no more GAAS than any other persistent online multiplayer games.

Goldby346d ago

Gaas are multiplayer centric games that use mt to support the game. So if an online primary game uses mt its gaas, if it doesn't it isn't a gaas.

Halo 5 is a gaas, ht sport isnt.
Both games are primarily online games yet one is filled with mt and the other isnt

Goldby346d ago

Gran Turismo isnt a gaas.
Forza is.

One doesn't have lootboxes and MT
The other one does.

rainslacker345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

MT aren't a requirement for being classified as a GaaS.

GaaS just means a game that has ongoing support for the long term....typically more than a normal update schedule which you may see with DLC or whatever. Typically, GaaS is funded by MT or DLC though. GT Sport is a GaaS as is Forza, as is Halo. Things like Horizon wouldn't be because it's not structured around the same principals, despite having DLC. GaaS also includes MMO's like WOW.

GaaS is nothing new. It's been around for a long time. GaaS is just the new term coined for the general populace to use to put a fancy name on what is typically a MP MT riddled game.


All of MS 1st party games announced right now, and likely the next Forza, are all GaaS games. F7 is, although Gears4 is a stretch, despite technically falling into that filed with the MP aspect. Usually we don't consider that kind of MP to be GaaS though.

Hope that answers your questions.

343_Guilty_Spark345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Based on your definition then Uncharted 4 is GAAS.

NiOh is GAAS

OOPS looks like Nier is too

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russo121346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Imo MS is somewhat lost in their focus and they don't realise the gaming trends apart making fast dollars (gaas). Phil could have the best intentions but he's capped, he doesn't have the space neither the power to change superior's minds of investing in new ips, due to uncertainty in this business, and as always MS never take the risk. The console business is a long term project that needs to be fed with content and not a square box with raw power thrown at it (sure it helps to best deliver the content).

ninsigma346d ago

Would have thought being head of Xbox would give him the power that's needed. If that's not the case then he literally is as people say, a talking head.

Godmars290346d ago

Listen to their own hype.

345d ago
Elda346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Nothing was done right knowing compelling 1st party exclusives including 2nd or 3rd party exclusives should have been first priority above anything else.Once they had a steady stream of exclusives releasing on their hardware then they could have released mid gen hardware.Their thinking was totally ass backwards.

Hardiman346d ago

The X is an impressive piece of tech no question but even that shiny new 4K box didn't make me open up my wallet!

After supporting them for almost a decade I bowed out back in 09 for reasons that are plainly visible today.

It would take a considerable effort on their part of reversing course for me to come back on board. Sony was in a similar situation with me when the PS3 launched. The price tag and just them being out of touch caused me to back away but they re acclimated and when the first PS3 Slim came around and all those games, exclusive games won me back over and with how the PS4 has been handled I'd say they learned a valuable lesson. Give the people what they want and they will come!

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