Diddy Kong Racing is being recreated in Unreal Engine 4 and here are its first screenshots

CryZENx, best known for his Zelda: Ocarina of Time recreations in Unreal Engine 4, is currently working on a Diddy Kong Racing fan remake in Unreal Engine 4. And while there isn’t still any download link for it, below you can find its first screenshots.

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Snookies121606d ago

Stop it, dreams aren't supposed to come true! Just waiting for the C&D to hit...

DragonKnight1604d ago

Was just going to say the same thing.

Nintendo HATES being upstaged. *sigh*

FilthyWeeb1606d ago

Beautiful, I hope to see Banjo Kazooie at some point.

mcstorm1605d ago

I agree this is one of the rare ips Microsoft could use to get into Japan if they give us a full banjo game and they could even give us a Mario Kart type game with it to but follow the steps of Mario Kart crossed with mnr and sonic all star racing.

Michiel19891605d ago

Im still hoping that the people who created mario kart 8 will make a new Diddy Kong racing.

mikel10151605d ago

My eyes can't roll back far enough

Sgt_Slaughter1605d ago

I get people want updated graphics for some of their favorite games, but each time someone throws a game into UE3 or 4, it looks the exact same, and not that great. Always a dull, toy-like plastic texture to everything.

Some things just need to be left alone to how they once were.

hamzilla1605d ago

I think your eyes need checking. Or do us all a favor and don't post any more on here.

Sgt_Slaughter1605d ago

Or I can have an opinion that's different than other people's and you can either disagree/ignore it? Geez people need to calm down on this site.

narsaku1604d ago

@sgt_slaughter you don't have an opinion. Not knowing what ur talking about isn't worth listening to or giving.

cell9891605d ago

Dude this isn’t even an opinion, it’s compete false information. Your opinion is worthless if you have nothing to back it up with. I can clearly see the improvements from the original game. Just look at the grass textures alone

Sgt_Slaughter1605d ago

I didn't say it looks worse or the same as first, I meant every HD update in this engine looks the same.


It's all up to the developer? Look at Frostbite Engine, Battlefield looks dark and gritty with a realistic color pallet, Plants vs Zombies garden Warfare looks cartoonish with less detailed textures and a very vivid color pallet.

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