Ghost of Tsushima Lacks Broad Commercial Appeal – Michael Pachter

Arguably one of the biggest upcoming exclusives on the PS4 side for next year is Ghosts of Tsushima, the new open world action adventure game by Sucker Punch that is set in historical Japan. It looks pretty exciting, and unlike anything else in Sony’s first party portfolio- and it looks like it will end up adding yet another advantage to Sony’s console next year against the competition- right?

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NecrumOddBoy295d ago

Both Gamingbolt and Michael Pachter can swallow a samurai sword. This game is going to be huge.

morganfell295d ago

When those two are against you then you know you are doing the right thing. Gamingdolt is desperately scared and Pachter is simply oblivious.

UCForce295d ago

They are trying to be a neutral. But it’s seem they don’t know what the heck they are doing. I don’t care if they praise the PS or not. I can tell you that they piss off everyone from left and right. It’s just show they lack of journalists skill.

UltraNova295d ago

For a professional suit pleaser like Pachter if it aint CoD, GTA or the like it doesn't have financial appeal nor does it make sense(yes thats exactlywhat he means).

Just dont pay any attention to this guy.

TheKingKratos295d ago

huh as i can see seems like only Xbox fanboys are the ones who agree with this crap.

UKRsoldja295d ago

Scared of.....what exactly??

FinalFantasyFanatic295d ago

So basically do/expect the opposite of what they say/do? They should get into their line of work, it would be easy money and I don't even have to be right or competent.

nirwanda294d ago

To be fair I thought the same thing about horizon zero dawn, I thought crap name, robotic dinosaurs hunted with spears and bows, who's gonna buy that.
But I bought it, and to be fair your better generating hype on as the game launches or all excitement of a new ip fizzles out.

fr0sty294d ago

Most of the games we regard as "classics" lacked wide commercial appeal at the time of their release.

rainslacker294d ago

Broad commercial appeal is generally made by marketing, not by actual content. Ninja's and samurai are generally pretty broadly appealing.

294d ago
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OB1Biker295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

How Gaminbot special consultant can say that from just one trailer is beyond me.

alb1899295d ago

You right but some are saying that it will be huge from the same trailer and that is beyond me too. Nevertheless i have hope about this game.

294d ago
strifeblade295d ago

he might be right but i hope it succeeds, if it fails, then no other developer will dip their toe in these kinds of games

babadivad295d ago

That's true, but still, I've never heard of this game. So in this instance, they are at least partially correct.

Silly gameAr295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

You've never heard of this game, yet you're on N4G where there have been several articles about this game?
That doesn't add up.

I think this game will do well. Sucker Punch has their fanbase that are more than willing to support their games. It doesn't have to be a blockbuster, but it's always good to see a developer try something new.

babadivad295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

@Silly gameAr

"You've never heard of this game, yet you're on N4G where there have been several articles about this game?
That doesn't add up. "

Yes, I'm on N4G, and I've never heard of this game. I haven't been checking for it, so I haven't clicked any articles pertaining to it[this one excluding of course]. If there have been articles about it, it was just white noise to me. Hence, me not knowing about it.

What reason would I have to lie about something so inconsequential?? That's what "Doesn't add up."

Silly gameAr295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

So, what made you click on this article to comment about how you've never heard of it before? Was there something special about this article that made you click on it? Why wasn't this just white noise like the other articles were?

UCForce295d ago

But have you ever heard Sucker Punch ? The Studio behind Sly Cooper and Infamous series. Know their talent and they can deliver.

JMyers294d ago

The game was revealed at Paris Game week this year and widely talked about on all gaming websites. Either you don't follow PS news or gaming media in general. It's a new IP from Sucker Punch

rainslacker294d ago

Being ignorant of the game really has nothing to do with it's broad appeal. Just means not much has been said about it yet.

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roadkillers295d ago

Its goinh to be YUGE! So Big! So YUGE! Massive, massive game.

UCForce295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

It make by Sucker Punch who is responsible for Sly Cooper and Infamous series. Its “Huge”, not “Yuge”.

joab777295d ago

Who is this guy that is early right, but gets constant coverage?

It will have mass appeal because it's a Sony Exclusive and there are 70+ million PS4s in people's homes.

Cyborgg295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

A lot of Xbox exclusives is less than that huh 😁👍🏻

Aenea295d ago

Then it still outsold Forza 7...

MasterCornholio295d ago

That's what people said about Horizon but they were wrong. Same could happen to Ghost. I mean it is getting released on a platform with a massive install base so the chances of surpassing 1 million are quite good.

CoinOrc295d ago

1 million tops... for most Xbox exclusives, yes.

Vizigoth04295d ago

That's over 1% of their install base. Not bad but guaranteed to do better. No reason to believe that other than our optimism in PlayStation.

yumi76294d ago


Forza 7 and Halo Wars combined.

yumi76294d ago

343 I am bookmarking this post. I'd start catching your crows now.

NXFather294d ago

Lol. I don't see it doing better than Horizon. Maybe a little better than Bloodbore. I am a PS Vet. #team PSX. Check my field record.

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DarXyde295d ago

It's not even like the game is a bad formula:

It's an open world game. By Sucker Punch. And has swords.

If there's concern about Japanese culture and that not being widely appealing, Ni Oh says hi and literally teaches you about Japanese mythology. Highly doubt Ghost of Tsushima will be a commercial or critical failure.

rainslacker294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I'd say if Assassins Creed can have broad commercial appeal, so can this game. If we're lucky it won't have some stupid pseudo sci-fi nonsense attached to it to plod through to get to the interesting stuff.

All it takes to get a game to have broad commercial appeal is to have a good marketing campaign. Halo could have ended up not having broad commercial appeal if it didn't have a good marketing campaign. Same with COD. Heck, I remember when GTA didn't have broad commercial appeal, then they started marketing it, then hit the mother load when it became the poster child for violence in video games.

Certainly some styles or genres won't be as appealing, but anything in the AAA realm is probably going to have enough stuff that is appealing to at least 2-3 different kinds of audiences. Ninja's and samurais tend to be pretty popular things in gaming.

To put things in perspective, the broadest commercial appeal would be things like FIFA, Madden, COD, or GTA. Everything else is meant to appeal to certain kinds of audiences.

OmnislashVer36295d ago

Lmao, between weebs who are somewhat part of the next counter-culture, Kung-fu/Karate and other martial arts movie buffs, Japan, gamers who've been wanting to play something different, Ni-oh fans, and Assasin's Creed fans who've been asking for a game set in feudal Japan for ages, this game is going to be huge. It takes some serious disconnect to think this won't be big.

And I don't really give two f-s if commercially it doesn't fit the mainstream audience. Not everyone cares about Call of Duty. This is the glory of PS, it acknowledges that it doesn't have to be a game designed around screaming 13-year-olds with their mom's credit card. And so what if not everyone likes a certain game? I don't like Uncharted, but I'm getting The Last of Us II- Naughty Dog made both. Some may not like JRPGs but want Spiderman or God of War but want Days Gone.

It's like having two parties. Everyone eats cheeseburgers so Xbox only brings McDonald's burgers to their party. But PS is bringing everything- bomb stromboli, filet mignon, some Asian foods, BBQ ribs, paninis, and everything else. You don't have to like everything, but you get more options. And of course we have our Call of Duty cheeseburgers as well, everyone gets those. Which one sounds more appealing?

This is just serious damage control for how badly Xbox is doing.

UltraNova295d ago

Damn that was a good analogy if I ever tasted...ehm saw one!

Vizigoth04295d ago

PlayStation offers a Buffet. I really never thought about it that way. I'm good with it.

SuperSonic91295d ago

He said the same thing about RDR. Lol

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Broad appeal? Sony exclusives are designed for one thing,To sell consoles.
I think someone from Gamingbolt is upset because their favorite plastic box doesn't have SYSTEM SELLING EXCLUSIVES. Pachter I can excuse because he's only looking for notoriety and views for his show.

YEP414295d ago

Dont no ps4 exclusive be huge 600,000 copies probablythe out of 60million consoles sold

UCForce295d ago

It’s 70 million PS4 Units.

Vizigoth04295d ago

Did someone's cat jump on the keyboard or is this cypher text?

UKRsoldja295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Well, they're right.. This game will fail and most will never hear of it. If you want to pretend othetwise, that's fine, but make sure to come back here for an "I told you so"..

MasterCornholio295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Kind of like how HZD failed?

Also just like with HZD it's difficult to judge the game off a very short trailer. It could end up being popular like other PlayStation franchises or maybe not. We don't know that for sure yet until it releases. But the fact is these developers have made good games in the past so there's a possibility that this title will turn out to be very good.

UCForce295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Like HZD ? Yeah right, that game got praised by critics and consumer. This make by Sucker Punch. Know their talent and their previous work. They can deliver.

trooper_295d ago

Yeah, exactly.

The game isn't even out yet and they're talking crap. Like seriously?

NXFather294d ago

How huge. How many millions sold for your prediction? I am looking foward to the game as well. Kinda of thinking it will end up in bloodbore territory.

NXFather294d ago

Damit I meant Bloodborne in both comments.

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-Foxtrot295d ago


"Presenting the brand new open world game from the makers of hit franchises SLY COOPER and INFAMOUS..."

Seems it'll have enough commercial appeal to me. If something like Hellblade can do well then I'm sure this will be fine.

sizeofyou295d ago

Michael Pachter disagrees with us -Foxtrot...

Eonjay295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Actually he is insinuating that normally exclusives advantage platforms but because it has a Japanese setting, Sony is somehow... disadvantaged? And the term 'Japanese- flavoed' seems to relegate anything having to do with Japan as unsellable. Imagine his surprise when Switch and PS4 didn't fall simply for being of Japan... The simple minded idiot.

I also demand 'Japanese- flavored' memes asap.

WeAreLegion294d ago

It's insane to me. Yakuza has been a huge success in recent years. Japan is a great place and culture. Every country can recognize that.

Helios86294d ago

Exactly, sometimes I wonder why the hell people have the career they have and manage to hold on to it.
Pachter is a hack, and anyone hiring him is a clueless idiot.

Yi-Long295d ago

Original gorgeous setting, talented team of developers, ninjas and samurai, and an open world. Those who just want to shoot folks might not care about games like this, but response to this announcement has been pretty positive by most so far.

Obviously, it's a new IP, so it will need to be advertised well in order for casual gamers to get interested.

Personally, it's one of my most anticipated PS4 releases.

RememberThe357295d ago

It's not like Onimusha or Nioh were successful at all...


I've been hoping for a new Onimusha for 15yrs

RememberThe357295d ago

Right?! If the new DMC is what I hope it will be I pray Onimusha is next on the docket for Capcom.

LordJamar295d ago

Considering the size of sony player base no they didnt sell that great

Godmars290295d ago

Nioh is as close as you're going to get to Onimusha.

zypher295d ago


Don't be obtuse. A game's sales don't have to scale to a platform's install base in order to be successful.

Realms294d ago


Did everyone that owns an xbox buy Halo? No they didn't stop this nonsense a game doesn't need to sell to the whole user base to be successful. Zelda and Mario don't even do that and they are iconic franchises and by every measurement they where successful. Horizon is a new Ip and sold well, Persona 5 was a pretty niche game and sold well, Nioh sold well too just because they don't do GTA or COD numbers doesn't mean they aren't successful.

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Abriael295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Ninja -> Lacks commercial appeal.

That's when you know someone's drunk. Amazed that someone put this in a headline like it had any credence.

Actually, not amazed at all.

295d ago
rainslacker294d ago

That's what I was thinking. Even the FPS hardcore who only play COD probably love ninja's.

Not that that would translate to a game they'd want to play, but I don't see what would be so unappealing about this game. I'd imagine it's probably Sony's answer to Assassin's Creed, and probably will be structured similarly(without the sci-fi stuff). It's open world, which has been popular. It likely has a good story based on Sony's track record. It'll likely have big epic battles and all sorts of cool Ninja stuff.

While that may not all be true, just the prospects are appealing to a pretty wide range of people, because I don't know many people who aren't that into cool martial arts stuff.

FallenAngel1984295d ago

“I don’t think anything that has that Japanese flavor has broad appeal.”

Oh god I can’t even 😑

TacoTaru295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

You would think the man never heard of ramen or sushi or toyota or jet li or Godzilla

Firebird360295d ago

Or Japanese women.