The 5 Best Looking Games Of 2017

We love beautiful video game graphics and these are our top 5 best looking games of 2017.

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bitboi320d ago

Lol, I like how Super Mario Odyssey is neither mentioned nor is on the list in the article. Yet it’s the main image chossen to represent the article, even on the website. Guess you gotta take advantage of the nintendo switch hype when ever you can.... :/

UKRsoldja319d ago

The image makes mario look excluded. He's looking out the window all alone. I'm glad, too. It's not a very good looking game..

Einhander1971319d ago

Mario odyssey looks stunning in every way, you obviously don't have a clue. Or your a typical Nintendo hater.

UKRsoldja319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Sure, buddy. That stunning adaptive res that spends most if its time at 851p, the lack of reflections in windows, the low quality motion blur, the 2d sprite distant characters, the 20fps background character animation, the terrible anisotropic filtering, the shadows that turn to a jaggy mess on the overhead view, the pop-in.

Stunning in every way. Haha.