Gravity Rush Remastered discounted to below $15 on PS4

Amazon has heavily the digital version of Gravity Rush Remastered to just $14.99.

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JBryant0619957d ago

How about releasing another wave of the physical version?

LoveSpuds957d ago

Snagged my physical copy on release, just as I did with the second game in the series.....criminal how overlooked this series of games are, I have barely heard GR2 mentioned in game of the year conversations this year. What a shame 😣

DarXyde957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

Agreed. I've earned a platinum in the first game twice (Vita and remaster) as well as Gravity Rush 2 with 180+ hours logged.

It's the breath of fresh air I needed and love Team Siren. I'm seriously dreading the online going down. It's one of, like, 3 games where I use the online functionality religiously. It's actually fairly depressing to me. Part of me wants to play it as Gravity Daze 2 so I can 100% it all over again.

OpenGL957d ago

I had to buy a PAL copy because the North American version was so hard to find for a reasonable price. Luckily PS4 isn't region locked so any version works fine.

FallenAngel1984957d ago

That’s how much I bought it on PSN

TheOttomatic91957d ago

Totally worth it for that price

LoveSpuds957d ago

Gotta love the box art on the physical version. What a flipping great game.