Mike Ybarra (Xbox Executive) is testing uploading video straight from Xbox One to Twitter

Ybarra's tweet: "Shadow of War has good traversal. Small example attached (and testing upload video to Twitter)."

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JaguarEvolved293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I wonder if he'll be testing out the system by uploading exclusive Xbox one games. I guess that'll be impossible

timlot292d ago

Because I just can't get into a game unless its exclusive. They fact it can be played on another platform just ruins all the fun.

xX-oldboy-Xx292d ago

Nah - just takes away the reason for owning more than one. Xbox is just redundant, sooner they and it's supporters realise that - the better.

343_Guilty_Spark292d ago

So why do people buy them xxoldboyxx?

291d ago
UnHoly_One291d ago

You’re right Oldboy. It is redundant.

Except for the fact that it is a better device in every possible way.

That matters to me. And millions of others. Sorry to disappoint you.

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Tko1111292d ago

Yup like cuphead PuBG halo wars forza

ShadowWolf712291d ago

Which I could play on my laptop right now.

Jinger293d ago

Awesome feature! Now lets get upload straight to Youtube please!

mokkeyrg2292d ago

They did have have that till the last update , they need to add streamming to youtube tbh

Silly gameAr291d ago

Why aren't you this positive in all of the PS articles I see you in? Something basic like this is a big deal to you. smh.

Jinger291d ago

Well then you must miss my other comments when I'm positive about PS things.

"Nier is in my top 5 games this year."

"Days Gone has potential, it definitely has the production value, but just haven't seen anything that makes it standout. Just looks like a cinematic zombie game. Ghost of Tsushima on the other hand only got a small teaser and I'm crazy excited for it, from the get go the game stands outs as something different."

"There is a lot more ongoing cost variables that happen in an online game than a SP game like Hellblade. Not saying Hellblade is less of a game, because I personally love Hellblade and can't stand Overwatch, but that's kind of the reality between the 2."

"Love me some Spidey. Insomniac should be able to handle this fine!"

"(Referring to God of War 3) Such an amazing game. Just balls to the wall action from start to finish. Loved it."

"I would love if Sony had some studios bring these franchises back. I was really bummed when Naughty Dog said they are growing to mature in the medium to revisit games like Jak. Which seems strange since Jak, especially Jak 2 and after, had some really dark tones."

"SOCOM with a competitive MP side and a Battle Royal mode would be f*&king amazing."

So yeah, I have said plenty of positive things about Sony's games. As far as features like this, there hasn't really been any news for me to comment on lately tbh.

timotim292d ago

We can do it now indirectly but yeah...I would welcome the feature.

sk8ofmnd292d ago

If they only focused on game related content as much as non game related content 🤔

fenome292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Should've named it the Xbox Too, it does stuff and plays games too. Games are a sidenote, it's pretty much all about apps multi-media and third party.

I'm curious where they're headed with this, they used to have so much focus on their game division but now that just seems like they were just trying to get their foot in the door, it's weird. I mean yeah, more boxes in houses are gonna get you to get people paying subscriptions, but c'mon, give them incentives.

I honestly hope they eventually listen to all this, people have been criticizing their lineups for years now. They're one of the top companies producing consoles right now, and have been for years. They've got huge financial backing and they're doing the bare minimum and being rewarded for it. They need to internalize their vision stronger, because right now everything they're coasting on is external. They're not trying to progress the medium at all anymore, it's just sad, they've got so much at their fingertips just being wasted.

Sorry about the rant. Lol
Holiday weeks have been heavy and I worked 14 hours today, guess I'm feeling "chatty" after work. Lmao

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