Guacamelee 2 is Going to Be Extra Crispy – PSX 2017 Impressions

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes: While at PlayStation Experience 2017, I had the opportunity to play a demo for Guacamelee 2 with the team at DrinkBox Studios. If you’ve played the original Guacamelee on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, or the follow-up Super Turbo Championship Edition, then you’ll already know about the fun tongue-in-cheek humor that compliments the solid action platforming gameplay.

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rbailey1862d ago

I loved the first game and am very much looking forward to the sequel.

vaydufogni1862d ago

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Loadedklip1860d ago

The first game was AMAZING. Any fan of Metroid or Metroidvanias should check it out. Hopefully the sequel lives up to it.

timotim1860d ago

Big fan of the Super original. Will look for it for the X when its released.