CDPR's PS4 Pro & XB1X Support Shames Major Publishers Raking In A Lot More Money from Their Games

CDPR's recent PS4 Pro and Xbox One X patches for The Witcher III are so good that they shame developers like EA, Ubisoft and Rockstar, whose Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six Siege and GTA Online games still don't support the new consoles by Sony and Microsoft.

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LavaLampGoo299d ago

CDPR once again being a delightfully lofty industry standard

HotMess299d ago

Yeah it still sounds like it sucks to work for them l.

codelyoko299d ago

It sucks to work for any developer, period. The game industry is just built like that.

quent298d ago

Well not everyone can go work for Oprah

DeadlyFire298d ago

Doing work right only sucks if your lazy.

Cobra951292d ago

codelyoko, been there, done that. We start out eagerly wanting to be creative and to write great games, then reality sinks in over years in the salt mines. The programmers and creative people in general tend to get flogged by the business end of the studios, and the sad fact is that even they seldom have a choice. They need to meet deadlines and stay within budgets. "The game industry is just built like that." Perfectly said.

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ULTp0ltergeist298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

I don't think other publishers have been shamed one bit LUL! Such a delusional article. CDPR is their own style of development but Witcher 3 took a beating on them. That is why most publishers don't follow their model because they wouldn't last.

KaiPow299d ago

What's EA's excuse for not supporting Battlefield on the X? Unfair advantage over S players?

InKnight7s299d ago

Whats EA excuse for those who don't have double 1080 Ti gpu, i9, hyper ssd and liquid coolers, 64gb rams with 3 4k screen have advantage over gtx 960, i5, 8gb rams and just FHD secreen? Just play the thing at maximum as possible.

UltraNova298d ago

Its up to the devs -Phil said.

Now its the devs fault?

298d ago
CertifiedGamer298d ago

The console companies have requested developers keep frame-rate parity on multiplayer servers. Meaning the resolution is different but frame-rate is the same. It is not like PC at all.

Chris_Wray299d ago

Although CD Projekt Red has had it's issues with reputation of how it treats employees lately, this is a pure sign of a company that knows how to treat consumers. They actually improve and build games up, where other, richer companies just shit on gamers and attempt to milk them for everything they can. Hell, I'm waiting for the ultra-hd copies of such as BF1, COD WW2 etc to be released, at full price.

mastiffchild298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

I cannot get a great read on quite what the employee situation is at CDPR-having had stories slating their attitude towards their workers as well as those stating that the treatment is pretty industry typical.

Certainly, it seems the games industry is a stressful arena all round with even studios often in the running for "best place to work" awards like Insomniac not without occasional gripes from ex employees. Who knows what, or how much, is really accurate?

Either way, it's no surprise CDPR are still bothered how their masterpiece looks and plays whereas EA do not bother much post release etc.


Battlefield has Pro support but since the #'s are dwindling over the past year EA is not going to push for that. GTA V though is kind of a mystery? I have 265 hours in TW3, but have yet to start Blood and Wine, looks like I need to dive back for another 50+ hours!

Krysis299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Toussaint is such a nice change of pace from the dreary Vellen and rain soaked Novigrad. While the settings in both add to the experience, blood and wine is colorful.

Darkwatchman299d ago

Battlefield 1 has ps4 pro support

Alexious299d ago

Yes, it's specified in the article. But there's no word about Xbox One X support yet.

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