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Coffee Crisis is another polished and retro-infused title by Mega Cat Studios that brings a new release to fans of the Sega Genesis console.  The classic co-op beat 'em up gameplay and bright colorful sprites are sure to bring old school gamers back to the days of "Genesis does what Nintendon't".

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ContraCode294d ago

"Genesis does what Nintendon't", I remember those commercials, lol.

BootHammer294d ago

The gaming case, manual and red transparent cartridge definitely brings you back if you bought these as a kid! It's a really fun 16-bit brawler ;b

mastiffchild293d ago

Yep cool era, the 16 bit days. Showed my young lad a load of games on the phone and he was really impressed by Gunstar Heroes, Castle of Illusion, LTTP and amazed how good Konami once were!! I think with fewer tools devs were more inventive and tried, also to get controls bang on. Treasure always blew me away with tight controls and playing GH again, even on emulators on a phone, reminded me of this.

This said, Coffee Crisis is no 9/10 game. It's good fun but just isn't THAT good. Still amazing that this stuff goes on.

BootHammer293d ago

"mastiffchild" - Those are some awesome games =) Konami use to be one of the best devs out there. It's a shame how they have turned their back on so many fans.

My daughter watched me place this game as I was going through it for review. Kids see these old school games and are either intrigued or have no interest, LOL. I initially was going to score CC in the 80 range, but the more I played it, the more I enjoyed it. So much work went into the game (graphically, storyline, soundtrack, the humor) and that's just my honest score for it. If we had a steady stream of new devs also publishing titles for the NES, I would have certainly taken that into consideration as far as current competitor content. I'm covering another one of their releases that was definitely influenced by Punch-Out, but with a horror theme (you fight iconic monsters like Wolfman, Dracula, Jason,ect). I enjoyed this one even more!

294d ago
Einhander1971294d ago

Both incredible consoles megadrive and Snes.

BootHammer294d ago

Two of the best! Fantastic game library on each. I love that Mega Cat Studios is still developing and producing titles on them.

Septic294d ago

Ah fond memories of the Megadrive