Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat - First Gameplay Screenshots in High-Resolution Unveiled

Check out the first high-resolution gameplay screenshots of Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat, the upcoming action rpg mobile game.

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NotanotherReboot1440d ago

grrrrr got excited cos I thought it was about the remaster

nevin11440d ago

I actually thought it was a new game as in console game.

1440d ago
SickSinceSix1440d ago

Oh, it's a mobile game, interest gone.

deadfrag1440d ago

Now just watch.. Capcom will eventually release a version of this game for the PS4 and Xbox One and even Switch and because they are lazy and love remasters they will only upgrade the resolution and call it sweet deal.

Pedantic911440d ago

Correction: they'll release this with bumped up resolution on consoles, but when the sales fail to reach their stupid sale goals they'll claim there is no interest in DMCV and cancel any DMC related developments.

That's the Capcom way for ya

Zabatsu1438d ago

It's a shame this once great company, turned into a turd.

Godmars2901440d ago

And charge $60 for it. Don't forget that.

Miss_Vixen1440d ago

Sorry, not interested in Mobile games. Never had and never will.

Nebaku1440d ago

Ah yes, nothing screams "perfect fit" for a game premised on split second input/reactions like a device with no physical buttons...

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The story is too old to be commented.