Rime Developer: Aspects of The Game Are Beyond A Patch-Level Fix On Nintendo Switch

Rime developer says that some aspects of the game are beyond a patch-level fix on Nintendo Switch.

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Lon3wolf326d ago

I assume they mean it can't be fixed with one patch and will require more, as if it is not fixed in a patch then a full update to the game will be required?

326d ago
UKRsoldja326d ago

They mean the hardware is too weak to patch.

EddieNX 326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

try telling that to Playtonik and their brilliant port of Yooka Laylee which exposes your lazy effort.

UKRsoldja326d ago

Can't patch crappy hardware, unfortunately..

yeahokwhatever326d ago

You can always try the MS route. Release crappy hardware, try to convince everyone its great, when they don't bite, release more hardware and try again. :-)

EddieNX 325d ago

you can't also blame horrible ports on the hardware. Sometimes the developers are to blame for not optimising their game properly.

PygmelionHunter326d ago

Tequila Works... Ah, yes, the developers behind The Sexy Brutale, that cool game that unfortunately reeks of technical laziness on PC...

Yeah, I wouldn't get my hopes up on these guys fixing the game.

yeahokwhatever326d ago

laziness != inexperience. Stop trying to assign motives.

Segata326d ago

I like this game and have it on PS4 and it doesn't run the best on PS4 either. I won't be so egregious to say they're lazy but just not very good at optimizing.

Cobra951326d ago

That's not credible. A "simple patch" can be as comprehensive as it needs to be. It can replace faulty code, faulty assets or both.

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