Nintendo Eshop Goes Down For Christmas

As thousands (tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?) of people wake up this morning to find Nintendo Switches under their Christmas trees (Hanukkah bushes? Kwanzaa shrubs?), they are discovering that they can’t actually download any new games.

somlevemle2107d ago

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Gemmol2108d ago

This was posted earlier, and both Sony and Nintendo Eshop was off too many people turning on their systems for Xmas. Both companies announced it on twitter.


Digital Foundry Forza Motorsport tech review: a pleasing upgrade for series veterans

Six years and five days have passed since the release of Forza Motorsport 7, and Turn 10 Studios have been hard at work on a new entry in the beloved racing series.

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darthv7211h ago

For anyone wondering... yes John will be doing a comparison video of GT7 and this game but it wont be until next month.

purple10111h ago

twitter down in UK btw, on safari MacBook, works on android app.

z2g10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

I can tell you right now as an owner of GT7 on PS5 and now playing Forza MS on Series X (both with VRR, HDR etc and yes I sprung for the premium and "took a trip to New Zealand" for early access) Forza Motorsport is better IMO. It looks better, it runs amazing, the simulation is just as good if not better now than Gran Turismo (the one lead I would always give GranTurismo no matter what) and it also and importantly to me isn't silly like gran turismo 7. they aren't trying to make it a "game". its just racing and racing events and a career of racing. no musical challenges, no cafes or silly talking heads. I love GT7 but that stuff is just straight up corny.

even the motion feels better on the track. the cars kinda shudder when the brakes lock up, there's vibration and movement. it makes GT7 feel very clean and computer like. The environments feel better and look better. There's less edge shimmer on Forza, it doesn't have the glow/bloom problems that GT7 has, the reflections with RT are awesome. The replays are better and better looking, it has more graphic modes, and even the new system for upgrading your car is pretty great... and yes feels like an rpg... in a good way. I play them both using the Logitech G29 and G920 racing wheels respectively for each system.

just my 2 cents. people are free to disagree.

mandf10h ago

Small clap for stealth trolling

thesoftware7309h ago

Sounds like an honest unbiased opinion.

I will definitely be checking out Forza.

RaidenBlack9h ago

wow, so people can't voice their own opinions nowadays ....

7h ago
eagle216h ago

@z2g I wholeheartedly disagree with your 2 cents. :)

RauLeCreuset6h ago

Huh. You didn't mention anything about GT7 having VR. Kind of strange given your history of mentioning GT7 in comments where you claim to own PSVR2 to give your comments credibility when you bash it, like when you said "aside from gt7, call off the mountain and maybe 2-3 more titles, the launch lineup is also underwhelming."


Or that time you said:

"Where we start running into problems begins with the launch lineup. GT7 is fantastic. Horizon Call of the Mountain while not an amazing game, does s good job of showcasing the power of the unit/ps5. There are other good games as well but the thing is, most of this stuff isn’t new."


And that other time you said "I barely use mine now, save for the occassional gt7 race, but even then I have to convince myself to get the headset out and set it up vs just poppin in a few quick races."


Strangely, this time no mention of GT7 being fully playable in VR. Really strange since you also have a racing wheel setup. As do I. It really adds to the immersion when playing GT7 on PSVR2. I guess you just forgot.

ApocalypseShadow5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Raul, he didn't forget. He decided to ignore the elephant in the room that puts GT7 over the top. Sony's game with VR makes the current Gen only Forza game seem less impressive, less immersive and less innovative.

We know he favors Xbox, so he's going to downplay any advantage GT7 has over Forza or he would have mentioned VR in his abnormally long post.

Sony's game celebrates cars in different ways from driving them, taking pictures of them, selling your car to other drivers, etc. Because GT was the game that put many cars on the map that people didn't know about. It increased car culture, connected games to car manufacturers, created real race car drivers, etc.

He's going to downplay that.

darthv725h ago

GT7 in VR is hella cool... but also not for everyone. Id venture more play it without VR than with. So why not leave the VR out of the argument? Both games are doing some great work representing their respective platforms. It's not difficult to like both (maybe for some it is).

babadivad4h ago


You can if your opinion is sony good, xbox bad.

RauLeCreuset4h ago


"GT7 in VR is hella cool... but also not for everyone. Id venture more play it without VR than with. So why not leave the VR out of the argument?"

1) Because that doesn't change the fact that GT7 is available in VR. I could stop there, but...

2) I'd venture more who have the the required hardware that gives them the option to play GT7 in VR play it in VR over flat screen.

3) Because z2g's own comment history is littered with comments talking about GT7 VR. Here's another:

"Hmm have to check it out. Been waiting for a reason to actually use mine for something other than gt7. Not really into all the cute little vr games that seem to dominate the lineup."

But why mention VR in a lengthy comparison to Forza that hits on other immersive features such as racing wheels, do I have you right? You're capable of better, Darth.

IamFrasierCrane4h ago


“Forza Motorsport is better IMO. It looks better, it runs amazing, the simulation is just as good if not better now than Gran Turismo“

Did you not read this part of his comment?

“So why not leave the VR out of the argument?”

Why would someone omit VR when they’re talking about simulation? Let alone claiming one is better than the other…

RauLeCreuset3h ago

"It's not difficult to like both (maybe for some it is)."

Kicks off a thread of comparisons by posting the first comment to hype a comparison video.

Tries to act above it all when it's pointed out that GT7 has an amazing VR mode while Forza is only flat screen.

Yeah, Darth, you can do better. Preferences or even biases aside, you usually try to comment in good faith. You know you're trying to backup a bad faith argument.

RauLeCreuset3h ago

Article: "'Gran Turismo 7' and 'Resident Evil Village' are gloriously immersive on PS VR2"

z2g: "i agree completely with the article and have now played both personally in PSVR2, but.... how many times are we going to keep posting articles about how amazing these games are in vr? i mean honestly this is like the 10th one and they all read exactly the same."


Article calls it gloriously immersive. Z2g agrees. Z2g somehow forgets to mention said "gloriously immersive" feature in a breakdown that compares the games on things like simulation, environments, and looks, and graphic modes. Y'all need to stop with the blind defense of that post.

PhillyDonJawn2h ago

I'm definitely checking this out.

RauLeCreuset2h ago

Last one. This person who bought a VR unit that cost more than the PS5 for fear of missing out on playing GT7 in VR somehow neglected to mention GT7 having VR in their comparison? Okay.

"ok ok ok. so i've been leaving a lot of comments about how i think psvr2 looks really awesome but that i'm not sold on it as i don't have a ton of faith in vr as a whole and the fact that while there are a couple launch games to truly get excited about, the bulk of them feel like standard mediocre vr filler games that don't really convince me to spend the hefty price for the headset. One of the games that did NOT fall into this category tho was GT7. I love GT7 and have been truly wanting to play it in vr since its launch - i couldn't justify the price of the headset for just 2 games.


"my strong will to play gt7 in vr has officially trumped my practical side and i ordered a psvr2 bundle. every time i read these articles or watch the videos i get fomo'd and couldn't take it anymore. I am actually waiting for the fedex man right now as I type this. I am extremely excited to try GT7 in vr and with my g29 setup. I am still not completely sold on psvr2 and may end up having buyers remorse overall, but I'm excited for now. I still do not have complete faith in the platform tho, regardless of how good the headset is actually being received. i hope my initial reservations are proven wrong in the coming year."


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Obscure_Observer10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

"For anyone wondering... yes John will be doing a comparison video of GT7 and this game but it wont be until next month."

From what I seen so far, GT7 won´t stand a chance.

FM is just on another level.


SwissCheese9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Holy hell... that looks insane. The track reflections & lighting are unbelievable.

7h ago
blackblades8h ago

I seen some random comparison on twitter, GT looks better but then again cant trust Twitter people that much. Mostly the main difference is the car has more details in GT

darthv728h ago

Yeah... you just cant tell from twitter comparisons. Especially if someone is using replay mode instead of actual racing. GT7 offers improved visuals (like RT) in replay mode. Race mode lacks RT unlike this game.

Moonman4h ago

GT will always look better than Forza. Now and forever. Polyphony Digital are true artists.

Sonic18817h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Is it necessary to do a comparison video on almost a 2 year old game 🤔 but then again Horizon Forbidden West came out almost 2 years ago and it still looks better than Starfield so I guess you can do a comparison with an old game

darthv727h ago

Well... in this video they compare to FM7 which came out 6 years ago and it is a dramatic improvement over that. The next logical comparative would be how it holds up against the most recent GT release.

purple1017h ago

That is hilarious.

I think everyone has to agree no which one is better and they are just good at different things.

I play pretty much cod a gt7 only but even I can see they made an improvement to

1. Trees
2. Lighting
3.weather effects.
4. Details of tracks

GT always handled better though and has music while driving. So that's why I like it.

Also the Forza premium car pass leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Making people pay for 42 cars AND lifetime double XP, Vs normal gamepass version stinks in my opinion.

badz1493h ago


Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) looks better than Starfield